Hello Doctor,

My name is Kiran and working as software professional.I have been suffering from Gastritis problem since couple of years but i managed to get relief of by using some tablets like SomprazIT each time  but recently it got increased and not getting relief with these tablets.I m feeling lot of burning sensation in CHEST and also discomfort in stomach as well.I can also have frequent bowel movements sometimes with this gas problem..

Based on the symptoms I m assuming that it is GERD and my tablets are not giving full relief.I was really frustrated with this medicines and wanted to know whether is there any permanent treatment for this in Homeopathy or not?

I m still managing my food habits and avoid spicy food as much as possible  but looking for some permanent treatment.

If you have the treatment in this category,please do let me know,so that I can visit your clinic for further diagnosis.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



nagendra Changed status to publish March 26, 2020