What are the top five homeopathic wart treatments?

What are the top five homeopathic wart treatments?

Homeopathic wart treatments are very effective and patients prefer to try them out. Homeopathic treatments have no side effects and can be used safely.

Warts happen to be elevated rough bumps (a small growth) that sort of form on the skin. These happen to be non-cancerous lesions.

They tend to develop when a virus known as HPV or Human papillomavirus tends to enter the skin via a cut or break. Wart is indeed a transmissible disease. Homeopathic treatments are sought after for relief.

It can occur even with a bare touch of an affected area on one’s skin. People suffering from weak immunity usually develop warts.

Warts are rather painful and embarrassing and cause much discomfort. It is a common disease and there are several types of warts.

Homeopathic Wart Treatments – Best Medicines

Homeopathy does provide the best as well as safest treatment when it comes to warts. There are miraculous remedies in Homoeopathy help treat every kind of wart.

Small, large, jagged, as well as bleeding warts can be treated by Homoeopathy quickly and also efficiently.

1. THUJA: This is useful for treating all kinds of warts. It is a popular Homeopathic medicine and is a remedy for fig warts, polyps, and tubercles occurring on one’s skin. It is useful to treat warts around one’s genital area.

The patient does complain of offensive and also strong sweat. The skin does become dry and brownish. Scratching the affected area does make the symptoms worse. Warts on covered parts can be treated.

Warts around nails and toes that make the nails brittle can be taken care of by this medicine. The patient does complain that the warts are very sensitive to touch. Applying it locally on warts does bring about better results.

2. NITRIC ACID: This is useful for bleeding warts and is indeed considered to be a wonderful Homoeopathic remedy known to completely cure warts that bleed on washing.

Warts can rather be large as well as jagged. The patient does complain of splinter-like pain in warts. Warts do have zig-zag, irregular margins, and the base does look like raw flesh. 

3. ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM: For warts occurring on the hands and soles of the feet this medicine is beneficial.

Antimonium crud is a useful remedy for people who are suffering from warts as well as gastric derangement simultaneously.

It is used for warts occurring around one’s nails as well as fingertips. Warts can be painful. 

Warts happen to be sensitive to cold things, cold bathing. The color of warts can be honey-colored. The affected skin does become dry as well as hard.

At times, warts do itch during the night on account of the warmth of the skin. The skin sort of gets covered with dry, scales scabs.

The patient may rather complain of burning in the affected area. The symptoms do get worse on washing.

4. CAUSTICUM: For large, painful, irregular, recurring warts this medicine proves to be very useful.

The main symptoms which require to be treated are rawness, soreness as well as burning in warts.

The warts are rather painful. The body parts that usually get affected are the neck, face, nose, fingertips, and folds of the skin.

The warts are large, irregular, and often bleed easily. Warts are removed by surgery or shaving.

What are the top five homeopathic wart treatments?

5. CALCAREA CARB: This medicine is meant for warts on the face and hands in obese people. The patients requiring Calcarea Carb for warts are obese, fair, and also flabby. This remedy is well suited to women who are fair, fatty, and also flabby.

Warts tend to occur in the face and also on the hands and cause much pain or can be painless.

The skin of the patient is of course unhealthy. Warts do not heal easily. The symptoms do get relieved in cold air.


Homeopathic wart treatments do provide much relief.

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