Vocal cord nodule and its top 5 secrets

Vocal cord nodule and its top 5 secrets

Homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad are excellent venues to get vocal cord nodules treated. Homeo doctors in Hyderabad do a good job as well. It is worth meeting the doctors.

Vocal cord nodules (known as “vocal fold” nodules by physicians)happen to be growths that form on the vocal cords. These bumps are no doubt benign (noncancerous) and are also similar to calluses that can form on one’s hands. Homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad are well-equipped to treat this health issue.

Nodules do affect girls as well as boys of any age and are a common cause of voice issues in both children as well as adults.

Vocal cord nodules are also referred to as “Singer’s nodules,” as people who make use of their voice regularly may inadvertently ‘abuse’ their vocal cords and also cause the formation of these growths as well as related voice issues.

Vocal cord nodule Signs and symptoms 

The most common symptom of vocal cord nodules is supposed to be a raspy or hoarse voice. A person may also hear straining as well as pitch breaks in one child’s voice when he talks or sings.

1. Cause

Vocal cord nodules do usually develop on account of chronic abuse of the voice over time, like straining, yelling as well as frequent singing. Ongoing friction between the vocal cords does create callous-like growths.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can in fact cause additional swelling as well as inflammation, worsening symptoms of vocal cord nodules.

2. Testing and diagnosis

Vocal cord nodules can be diagnosed by making use of the following procedures:

  • Laryngoscopy: A doctor will rather place a spaghetti-like camera in the child’s nose and down the throat. This does allow our team to look at the child’s voice box or larynx.
  • Stroboscopy: A small, thin, flexible endoscope with a camera is rather gently inserted via the nose to the area in the back of the throat above the vocal cords. The study does evaluate the motion as well as vibration of one’s child’s vocal cords when there are concerns regarding the strength, pitch as well as quality of his voice.

Most of the time, these exams can be rather carried out while the child is awake and in an office setting.

Vocal cord nodule and its top 5 secrets

3. Treatment

The often recommended treatment of vocal cord nodules does include learning to properly make use of the voice (also referred to as practicing vocal hygiene) and voice therapy. Homeo doctors in Hyderabad do a good job. Practicing good vocal hygiene does include:

  • Avoiding yelling or screaming
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Learning to properly imitate if pretend-playing
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Managing symptoms of reflux cum allergies.

Voice therapy is rather performed by a speech pathologist who is trained in voice therapy for children.

4. Outlook

The prognosis for children as well as adolescents with vocal cord nodules is indeed well appreciable. With proper vocal hygiene, reflux management when required, and voice therapy, a majority of patients indeed have a significant improvement in their voice, as well as several, have a resolution of their voice problems. Homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad do the needful treatment of vocal nodules.

Children with persistent nodules, as well as symptoms of voice problems, may indeed require more aggressive therapy in case the impact on the voice is severe. Children may not need surgery to treat nodules, via professional voice users (i.e. singers as well as actors) do sometimes require surgery to remove vocal cord nodules if it does affect their livelihood.

5. Follow-up care

If voice therapy is indeed recommended, then the initial follow-up will be about three months after beginning therapy to assess progress as well as response. 

If reflux medications or even dietary modifications are recommended, then a follow-up in the clinic is suggested as well. If the voice does respond to this form of treatment, then no further follow-up is required. If the voice is still problematic, then the child may need to be seen every six to 12 months to monitor her voice.


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