Use Homeopathy for Summer Cold & Cough Symptoms

Use Homeopathy for Summer Cold & Cough Symptoms

There is a difference between summer cold and winter cold and one might as well know about it. What is the difference?

One usually suffers from colds in summer like in winter and one might feel whether there is a difference between the two colds. Yes indeed. Although the symptoms of both can be the same the causes are different.

Coronaviruses are indeed more active in winter and early spring and tend to attack one’s respiratory system. Rhinoviruses, on the other hand, are in fact more active in late spring, summer as well as early fall.

Rhinovirus symptoms are more “sinus” related, including a runny nose, blocked sinus, sneezing, post nasal drip as well as a sore throat.

The problem that one faces with summer cold is that the viruses that cause winter colds do tend to combine with the viruses that cause summer colds. Treating a summer cold is rather difficult and takes a long time.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Summer Colds

Sinus #203

This is no doubt a very popular head clearing homeopathic medication that does help in treating the body’s natural decongestants and histamines and also helps in clearing the sinuses of stubborn mucus and also eases profuse discharges. It also relieves and extends to bursting catarrhal headache pain as well as eye, nose and throat irritation due to allergies, hay fever, head colds or even congestions.

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Euphrasia – It relieves colds and hay fever symptoms along with profuse, bland nasal discharge, irritating, profuse, hot tears especially in the morning hours, and helps also in a bursting headache that may cause much discomfort.

Kali Bich – ingy yellow mucus does clog eyes, ears, noses as well as throats causing pressure, post nasal drip, gagging coughs along with pain especially at the base of one’s nose.

Hydrastis – This is useful when one is suffering from post-nasal drip or profuse burning yellow mucus that does lead to a dull, pressing headache and as well as a harsh cough.

Pulsatilla – Helps clear thick yellow mucus in the eyes, nose, chest or sinuses which often results in a pressing sore headache and violent, must-sit-up night coughing.

Hyland’s Defend Cold & Cough for Adults -This 100% natural liquid does provide multi-symptom relief and is free of dies, and in fact, has no alcohol or sugar. It is available as a “Nighttime” formula with three extra ingredients that does help one with sleeplessness and fatigue.

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Allium Cepa – This helps cure sneezing, burning watery nasal discharge, watery eyes, and hacking cough.

Hepar Sulph Calc – Cold, sneezing, yellow mucus as well as chilliness.

Hydrastis – This helps in treating rattling or even tickling cough, sinus congestion, dry, raw and sore throat

Natrum Mur – One can have it for dry or even rattling cough, dry sore throat, watery but rather thickening nasal discharge.

Phosphorus – It is good for a worse or a dry cough, nasal congestion, chest congestion and weak limbs

Sulfur – One can use it for chest congestion, nasal congestion, yellow mucus hot irritating and a runny nose.

Coffea cruda – This is useful for sleeplessness and restlessness.

Chamomilla – It is good for sensitive, irritable, fussy, nocturnal sleeplessness.

Nux vomica – It helps treat tiredness and one finding it difficult to sleep as well as frequent waking.

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