Types of Hepatitis, Ways to Cure Right for a Detailed Review

Types of Hepatitis, Ways to Cure Right for a Detailed Review

Homeopathy clinic in Hyderabad can be visited for getting cured of Hepatitis. Homeopathy clinic in Hyderabad is a popular venue for seeking medical help for a disease of this sort.

Hepatitis has been acknowledged as being an inflammatory condition of one’s liver often caused by a viral infection. But, sometimes hepatitis can be due to other factors as well including autoimmune conditions, certain medicines, as well as alcohol consumption. 

What about the Liver?

The liver is the largest internal organ in one’s body weighing up to nearly 1.3 kg – 1.6 kg and its size would be say about the size of a football. It is situated located in the upper right side of one’s abdomen beneath the rib cage as well as the lungs. When a few factors do cause inflammation in one’s liver, it does lead to hepatitis and a few types of hepatitis that can be treated with homeopathy medicine for hepatitis.

The liver performs a wide range of critical functions that affect one’s metabolism and these functions do include:

  • Producing bile that is very essential for digestion
  • Filtering toxins from one’s body
  • Activating enzymes
  • Excreting bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones as well as drugs
  • Breaking down carbohydrates, fats cum proteins
  • Storing glycogen, minerals, and some vitamins
  • Synthesizing blood
  • Important functions of one’s liver get disturbed when a person is affected by hepatitis.

Types of Hepatitis:

Infectious types of hepatitis are usually classified based on hepatitis viruses that tend to cause liver disease and non-infectious types such as autoimmune hepatitis cum alcoholic hepatitis.

Types of Hepatitis, Ways to Cure Right for a Detailed Review

Hepatitis A: Caused by hepatitis A virus (HAV), it spreads via the consumption of food or water contaminated by the feces of infected persons as the virus is found in their feces. In a few cases, certain sex practices can also spread the infection. This sort of infection is usually mild and patients can recover completely and also gain immunity against further HAV infections.

Proper hygienic practices, drinking safe purified water, and eating properly cooked food at hygienic places can prevent this. By consulting homeo clinics a person can control the infection effectively and also improve general health a lot without any adverse effects as homeopathy does well at the immunological level.

Hepatitis B: This is due to the hepatitis B virus (HBV), and this spreads via exposure to infective blood, semen as well as other body fluids. This type of infection can spread to infants at the time of birth from their infected mothers. With the required help of treatment offered by the rather best homeopathy doctors, severe cases of infection can be indeed controlled in a better way.

Hepatitis C: This is due to the hepatitis C virus (HCV), and spreads via infective blood while blood transfusions or contaminated injections, etc. Homeopathy medicine for hepatitis is rather effective in decreasing the viral count and also treating the tissue change after-effects due to the infection.

Hepatitis D: This type of infection does occur in only those infected by HBV. This infection can rather cause more severity on account of dual infection.

Hepatitis E: is caused by the hepatitis E virus (HEV), it does spread via the consumption of contaminated water or food and is also seen in areas with poor sanitation facilities as the infected fecal matter tends to contaminate the water supply. Prevention is the best approach for this disease and also taking homeopathy medicine for hepatitis does help in delaying the complications as well as improving one’s overall health.

Autoimmune hepatitis: This is due to the immune system attacking the liver cells and a patient having a medical or family history of autoimmune disorders is more prone to it. Homeopathy clinic in Hyderabad has exceptional remedies to treat this autoimmune disorder.

Alcohol-related hepatitis: This type is caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol that results in inflammation and scarring of the liver.


Maintaining good hygiene, consuming well-cooked as well as hygienic food and water, and avoiding alcohol prevent such health issues as Hepatitis. Homeo clinic in Hyderabad has excellent facilities for treating this health issue.


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