Try homeopathy instead of surgery!

Homeopathy is considered to be safe as one can go for it instead of a surgical operation. There are no side effects and the medicines are indeed very effective . Usually, people are scared of surgeries and try out other medical approaches to avoid surgery. Homeopathy is a way out. One can treat small benign tumors with it which indicates that one can rest assured that one is in safe hands while consulting a homeopath. Homoeopathic surgery is a form of treatment via which one can avoid surgical cases that can be averted as well as managed completely or helped in one’s pre-operative and post-operative stages with homeopathic medicines only.

How is homeopathy useful in surgery cases?

Homeopathy medicines are very useful for surgical cases, both to avoid surgery as well as to assist speedy recovery in surgical cases. Homeopathic treatment assists in making as it is a different form of preventative treatment. It helps in raising the threshold of the disease susceptibility and to prevent illness thus cleaning up the cause of pathology and obviates operation, especially among chronic patients. Many eminent people have undergone homeopathic treatment.

Surgery can be a very tedious process. It not only causes the surgical wound that causes pain, but also general anesthesia does have its own side effects. Once it been established that surgical treatment is essential then homeopathic remedies can play a vital role in reducing any complications that may arise as well as accelerate healing as well as recovery.

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Know more about homeopathy and surgery:

Several patients want to know what sort of homeopathic remedies are there before one proceeds on to surgery. They also would like to know what other remedies are there to recover from the surgery. No doubt, often doctors do not recommend any other form of treatment prior to surgery or sometimes even after. So the patient gets confused. Several queries arise in his or her mind?

Can I take homeopathy before my surgery?

he is an often asked question and much depends upon the surgeon whether he or she suggests homeopathic treatment prior or after surgery. Yet, many patients are keen on trying homeopathy and prefer to avoid even surgery.

Post Surgery Homeopathic Treatment

There are, of course, three remedies that are usually recommended after surgery.

  1. Arnica – This remedy is required for any bruises or sore sensations and also helps to hasten up the recovery process of the soft tissues that have been actually damaged.
  2. Hypericum – Hypericum is amazing for hastening up the healing of one’s wounds, to help in preventing of infection and healing of the nerves. It reduces the pain. In fact, one can use it for a longer period of time once the need for Arnica is not there. Hypericum will help in easing itching sensation in the wound while it is healing. The remedy is good for the nerves. Many dental patients preferred it to deal with their pain rather than take painkillers.                                                                 
  3. Opium –. Opium helps treat side effects from aesthetics. Not every patient requires opium after surgery but there are few side effects that one might surprise to know about it. In case one experiences sleeping patterns after one’s surgery like insomnia or waking up easily or even sleeping deeply one will feel refreshed about it as Opium will be able to treat these conditions. After surgery, the digestive system along with constipation or sluggishness of one’s bowels begins to tell. It helps in vomiting sensation after surgery.

Other remedies for specific health issues such as deep pain in one’s abdomen after the abdominal surgery, or fluid retention after one’s surgery.

These three homeopathic remedies can be had under the supervision of the physician and taken according to the required dosage.


This homeopathic treatment is often made use of by patients rather than go in for surgical treatment which can be awesome. Differences of opinions may be there as some physicians may not recommend homeopathic treatment and suggest surgery as the best way out. A homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine which can also be tried to treat several types of diseases. Many have been cured of it and prefer homeopathy to any other form of medical treatment.

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