Treat hypertension with Homeopathy

Treat hypertension with Homeopathy

Blood pressure is a major health problem and one needs to be concerned about it. One must not neglect it and ensure that one gets the right treatment for it. It is worth going for homeopathy. Blood pressure affects people of all ages and one should get oneself checked up as it is considered to be a silent killer.

Causes of Blood pressure

• Disturbed sleep,
• Stress,
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Bad diet.
• Worry.
• Anxiety.
• Excessive alcohol.
• Hardened arteries.
• Decongestants.
• Steroids.
• Birth control pills.

Symptoms of hypertension 

Dizziness and vertigo –  

One experiences dizziness and vertigo, in other words, feeling giddy.

Recurrent distended headache or head heaviness –

Headaches keep recurring and one feels heavy in the head.

Chest oppression, and palpitations –

The heart beats rapidly and one experiences palpitations and this occurs when one is under stress. 

Nose bleeding (Epistaxis) –

There is nose bleeding.

Shortness of breath –

When one feels anxious one experiences shortness of breath.

Irritated and getting anger easily –

Anxiety and stress make one very irritable and angry which increase one’s blood pressure levels.  The adrenal gland produces an excess of adrenaline hormone. 

Face or eye turns red –

Hypertensive people get angry quickly and mood swings also affect the blood pressure levels.  The blood rushes to the face and the latter becomes red.

Visual problem or variation –

One suffers from blurred vision when one’s blood pressure is high. It reduces the ability to see well.

Weakness or fatigue –

Prolong hypertension consumes excess energy, as well as strains every blood vessel and organs that it connects. Excess pressure increases the excretion of vital minerals as urine makes you feel weak or fatigue. Also, sleep disturbance makes you feel fatigue.

Disturbed sleep –

Disturbed sleep also affects the blood pressure level. Good sleep slows down the heat and the body temperature also gets regulated. High blood pressure can result in night sweat as well as increased alertness, which does affect the normal sleep cycle.

Sore back and knees –

On account of elevated blood pressure, an excessive amount of calcium gets removed with urine; shortage of calcium does also make one’s back as well as knees very painful.

Raised body temperature –

Elevated blood pressure and also excessive circulation can indeed raise body temperature.

Homeopathy Treatment of Hypertension 

Blood pressure is managed by homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad and focus is upon lifestyle changes. The idea is to achieve a physical as well as mental balance.  Efforts are made to reduce stress levels and also ensure that the patient leads a clam life.
Since hypertension is a serious condition that can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and kidney disease, it is better to seek medical help of a homeopath. Self-help homeopathic treatment for hypertension is inappropriate.
Thus hypertension does cause problems with one’s brain which is characterized by memory loss, personality changes, trouble concentration, irritability, as well as getting angry easily.
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