Top 7 Homeopathic Medicines for Back Pain

Top 7 Homeopathic Medicines for Back Pain

Homeopathy remedies are there for severe back pain. They provide much relief. Several people suffering from back pain do opt for homeopathy as it is safe and has no side-effects.

Homeopathy is popular for treating back pain such as disc complaints, arthritis, injuries or muscle strain. It does offer a wide range of highly effective remedies and those who go in for homeopathy can try them out for relief. They are no doubt considered to be natural and safe for consumption by in fact all age groups.  It is advisable to visit best homeopathy clinics in Hyderabad, best homeopathic treatment in Hyderabad.

Some medicines that are effective in back pain treatment are Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Kali Carb, Arnica Montana, and Hypericum Perforatum.

1. Rhus Tox – Best Remedy for Back Pain

Rhus Tox is effective for curing back pain. It helps cure problems of back such as muscle strain caused due to overstraining or overstretching or even perhaps from lifting heavyweight. It is useful as the back pain gets better with hard pressure.

2. Bryonia Alba – For Pain that Worsens with Motion

Bryonia Alba helps treat back pain and is considered to be the best medicine for worsening back pain due occurring due to motion. Walking also, in fact, worsens back pain. Rest much relief. Bryonia Alba helps treat severe back pain caused due to stooping and standing.

Top 7 Homeopathic Medicines for Back Pain 3. Aesculus Hippocastanum – For Back Pain in Sacrum Region

Aesculus Hippocastanum is a useful medicine for back pain that affects the sacrum region. The pain may also extend to the hip along with sacrum back. Walking as well stooping that increases the pain. For those who need Aesculus Hippocastanum, rising from a sitting position becomes very difficult. There is intense stiffness felt in the sacrum and hip region which is accompanied by pain. best homeopathy clinics in Hyderabad, best homeopathic treatment in Hyderabad can do wonders.

4. Kali Carb – For Back Pain in Women Post Childbirth

For back pain in women after childbirth, Kali Carb is very effective. The pain can get worse on walking and to stop this one requires rest and then start to walk again. One would like to lie down for relief from back pain. Stiffness or excessive weakness in the back may also be there along with the back pain. Kali Carb is also useful for back pain in women during menses or after a miscarriage.

5. Cimicifuga Racemosa and Guaiacum Officinale – For Back Pain in Cervical (neck) Region

The most effective medicines for treating cervical back pain are Cimicifuga Racemosa and Guaiacum Officinale. People feel symptoms such as pain, sensitivity in the neck, worsening of pain from pressure and this medicine helps. If one is suffering from symptoms such as cervical back and shoulders ache pain in the neck it is better to use this homeopathic medicine.

6. Arnica Montana and Hypericum Perforatum – For Back Pain from Injury

For treating back pain arising from injury, Arnica Montana and Hypericum Perforatum are very useful for back pain. It is good to treat bruised pain in the back. This can be followed by lameness in the back. The symptoms that can be treated by Hypericum Perforatum are – pain in the back with extreme sensitivity which does make it impossible to walk or stoop. Hypericum Perforatum is most significant medicine for coccyx pain (coccydynia) thus arising from a fall over the coccyx.

7. Cobaltum and Phosphorus – For Back Pain from Sitting

Cobaltum is made use of for pain in one’s back and that when it gets worse in the sitting position. The pain usually begins from the lower back down the legs and feet. Weakness in the legs can be felt. Walking may also relieve back pain. Weakness in the back may be experienced. Burning sensation in one’s spine is another symptom.

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