Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies for Fracture

Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies for Fracture

A broken bone is referred to as a fracture. The fracture can be on account of an injury or even underlying pathological conditions such as osteoporosis. The fracture can be in the form of a simple one or perhaps a closed fracture or even a compound or open one. In the case of a simple fracture, there is rather no communication between the broken bone and the outer skin. The skin remains intact.

In the case of a compound fracture, the broken bone communicates with the outer skin. A compound fracture does involve more chances of bone infection.

Homeopathy is good for broken bones. It helps in healing broken bones. This is done after the orthopedic surgeon has done the alignment. The homeopathic remedies for fractures are safe to use and contain natural substances.

Arnica: Best Homeopathic medicine for fractured bone

Arnica should be preferred as the first choice and made use of immediately after the fracture occurs. As a natural homeopathic medicine, Arnica has a remarkable power to reduce the pain, soreness, puffiness and swelling around the fracture. To reduce the swelling at the fracture site, no other remedy in homeopathy can equal Arnica. This homeopathic medicine also helps a great deal in removing the mental fear, terror, and shock following trauma or fall or injury leading to a fracture.

Symphytum: This is indeed one of the top homeopathy medicines and speeds up the fibroblast cell-based activity for the laying of the new bone. This is considered as the best remedy for the promoting callus formation and osteoblast cell activity that is required to lay a new bone. Symphytum does help in both recent fractures in order to promote speedy recovery and also in the case of remote fractures, where the bones do tend to take time to heal or refuse to heal. In other words, the healing process is rather slow. Symphytum is also referred to as “knit bone” as it consists of the fantastic skill and artistic way with which it one knits the bone. Apart from promoting the osteoblast cell activity, it also does help in decreasing the excessive irritability at the location of the fractured bone site. It thus reduces the pricking sensation and pain as well as soreness.

Calcarea Phosphorica: This enriches the bone with calcium and phosphorus. It contains both calcium and phosphorous which are good for the bones. Natural homeopathic medicine Calcarea Phosphorica, as the name suggests, contains both calcium and phosphorus as its basic components. This remedy is quite different from other remedies. In the case of homeopathic approach, the minerals calcium and phosphorus are not actually used in the crude form and are rather implied only after potentisation. Potentisation is indeed a process by which the most inherent as well as deep healing properties of a given drug are actually raised to the highest point and at the same time, there is a simultaneous reduction of its material aspect.

The usage of such potentized medicines over the crude form does carry no risks of side effects and also does make them very easily assimilated by the body without any possibility of side effects such as nausea and constipation. Calcarea Phosphorica is usually recommended along with Symphytum for the mending of broken bones. It helps in enhancing osteoblast activity and Calcarea Phosphorica helps in increasing as well as strengthening the bone by providing the required minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

Hypericum: This is used to reduce nerve pain in the fractured area. It is useful for providing relief from severe pain at the fracture site. The toes, fingers, and spine are usually the areas that are rich in nerves. One gets relief within a short span of time.

Arnica and Calendula: This is beneficial for homeopathic remedies for open or compound fractures. There are very useful in treating open or even compound fractures. They prevent infection in the case of open fracture. Therefore, it has to be administered to cure open fractures as it is a prophylactic that fights infection. If one misses out on the usage of Arnica is missed then the infection of the bones with suppuration (pus) does begin. Despite this, one must make use of Arnica immediately. It prevents the progress of suppurative processes and gets rid of the infection that is already prevalent. It helps in ensuring proper absorption of the pus at the fractured site and also prevents sepsis. Arnica must always be administered internally and in no way be made use of externally.

Calendula is, of course, a natural form of homeopathic medicine that can be used both externally as well as internally in the case of an open wound. It is the best form of antiseptic homeopathic remedy in order to prevent suppuration. With its usage, the skin gets healed up soon and thus reduces the chances of infection that can also gain access to the bone through the broken skin.

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