Top 5 Homeopathic medicines for Writer's Cramp

Top 5 Homeopathic medicines for Writer’s Cramp

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The writer’s cramp does involve focal Dystonia of hands, fingers as well as forearm perhaps. Dystonia implies involuntary muscle contraction; focal also implies affecting specifically one part of the body. Writer’s cramp occurs when symptoms appear while doing specific tasks like motor-based tasks such as writing or playing a musical instrument.

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Causes of Writer’s Cramp

The exact cause of the writer’s cramp is yet to be known. The writer’s cramp emanates from the excessive fine motor activity and as well as poor pen-holding technique when writing. The focal Dystonia or involuntary muscle contraction arising in a specific part of one’s body is associated with the malfunction of various areas of the brain which includes basal ganglia and sensorimotor cortex. Factors such as stress as well as anxiety can worsen a writer’s cramp.

Symptoms of Writer’s Cramp

Writer’s cramps are classified into two categories – simple writer’s cramp as well as dystonic writer’s cramp. In a simple writer’s cramp, the symptoms do appear only while writing. In dystonic writer’s cramp, the symptoms tend to appear while writing and performing other tasks with one’s hand such as making use of a knife, applying make-up, or perhaps while eating. 


  • Very hard or perhaps excessive gripping of the pen, 
  • Flexing of the wrist, the elevation of the elbow,
  • Extension of fingers, 
  • Lack of one’s muscle coordination in the hand
  • Cramping pain in one’s hand, muscle fatigue or weakness, hand trembling as well as dropping off items such as pens, utensils from the hand.

Homeopathic Treatment of Writer’s Cramp

The writer’s cramp treatment in Homeopathy has shown excellent recoveries. Homeopathic medicines are natural and safe and effectively manage the symptoms of a writer’s cramp.

Top 5 Homeopathic medicines for Writer's Cramp

Homeopathic Medicines for Writer’s Cramp

1. Magnesium Phos 

This is considered to be one of the best homeopathic medicines For Writer’s Cramp. Recovery is good. Patients use Magnesium Phos for contraction in fingers while writing. The fingers do feel tight while writing and cramps are felt. Magnesium Phos is well suited for the contraction of fingers in musicians when they play musical instruments such as the piano or even the violin. Sharp, shooting, cramping, or tearing pain in one’s hand, as well as fingers, can be felt along with muscle contraction.

2. Gelsemium 

This is very effective for Writer’s Cramp when there is a lack of muscle Coordination. This has shown satisfactory results in writer’s cramp cases. It is used for lack of muscle coordination in one’s hands. Weakness in hands is also felt. The slightest exertion tends to increase this weakness. The hands may also feel heavy while writing. Gelsemium happens to be one of the best Homeopathic medicines for writer’s cramps. 

3. Stannum Met And Sulphuric Acid

This is excellent for jerking of hands while writing These natural medicines are widely made use of for Writer’s Cramp when the main complaint is jerking of the pen while a person is writing. The person experiences contraction of muscles in the fingers as well as hands while writing. It is useful for Writer’s Cramp cases classified as typewriter’s paralysis. Dropping off things from the hand due to muscle weakness is a major indication for prescribing Homeopathic medicine Stannum Met.

4. Silicea

This is beneficial for Writer’s Cramp for trembling of hands. It is one of the high-graded Homeopathic medicines for Writer’s Cramp where hand muscle contraction is rather accompanied by trembling of hands. The hands, as well as the forearm, tend to feel week. The fingers also feel week while writing and while dropping of the pen. The medicine helps treat increased sweating on the hands during such functions.

5. Cyclamen, Cuprum Met, And Brachyglottis 

This is very useful for Writer’s Cramp and effective Homeopathic medicines. This helps treat cramping or contraction of one’s thumb as well as the index finger. Cuprum Met helps cure where cramps are jerking, twitching, and also weariness of hand muscles are present. 


Homeopathic medicines can be had at the best Homoeopathy clinics in Hyderabad.

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