Symptoms and Homeopathy Treatment of Keloid

Symptoms and Homeopathy Treatment of Keloid

Keloid can be treated in many ways and it is worth trying it various methods after understanding the causes and symptoms of it.

What is Keloid?

Keloid happens to be an accumulation of fibroblast around one’s scar. Fibroblasts happen to be cells of connective tissue which is responsible to maintain the framework.

A keloid scar happens to be benign, non-contagious and is usually accompanied by severe itchiness, sharp pains as well as changes in texture.


Fibroblasts happen to be cells of respective connective tissues which happen to be responsible to maintain the framework. Collagen fibers are actually protein structures and are a major component of connective tissues. All these do indeed help maintain the structural framework of one’s body. During a scar or wound, fibroblasts multiply in order to heal the injured tissue. This happens to be a normal phenomenon to heal the scar on one’s body. Any sort of disturbance in this process does lead to overgrowth of cells as well as the formation of keloid.

Causes of Keloid:

Keloids results from skin injuries such as:

• Acne
• Surgical cuts
• Trauma
• Burns
• Scratch marks
• Vaccination sites
• Ear piercing

Various cutaneous lesions can indeed induce the formation of Keloid tissue: surgical operations, lacerations, burns, abrasions, tattoos, vaccinations, injections, insect bites as well as stings. Bacterial infection does increase the risk.

Symptoms and Homeopathy Treatment of KeloidSigns and Symptoms of Keloid:

Keloids look like:

• Dome-shaped raised and shiny appearance.
• Pink to red in color
• Sometimes pain or tenderness
• Itching
• Sometimes pain or tenderness

Diagnosis for keloid:

Clinical examination- The diagnosis is indeed made by just looking at the lesion and also inquiring about the history of skin injuries.

Skin biopsy- It may be required to differentiate with other skin tumors.

Conventional treatment for Keloid:

Surgical removal- It is also riskier as it does cause the formation of recurrence of Keloid at the site of the surgical incision.

Laser treatment- It is indeed more beneficial and safe. It is not very painful. It also does help in regression of the Keloid by suppressing the proliferation of Keloid fibroblast.

Corticosteroid injections- It is also made use of like the first line of treatment where the injection is given at the site of the Keloid. It also does help in flattening the Keloid.

Radiation- It is made use of after surgical removal of the Keloid. It is safe and also effective and also helps in reducing the recurrence of Keloids resulting from surgical excision.

Cryotherapy- Liquid nitrogen is used to flatten the Keloid.

Homeopathic approach in treating Keloids:

Homeopathic medicines can also partially reduce scarring if keloids are very mild. Moderate to severe keloids generally do not respond to homeopathy. Itching as well as painfulness can also indeed reduce with homeopathic medicines. Some cases of keloid tendency may be controlled with homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad to a certain extent.

Homeopathic cure:

Homeopathy happens to be a holistic approach. One can regain good health by this form of treatment. It treats the underlying causes as well and the individual susceptibility of the patient is kept in mind. Patients past medical history and family history are taken into consideration.

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