Signs, symptoms of verruca plana and treatments

Signs, symptoms of verruca plana and treatments

Symptoms of Verruca Plana highlight the problem of this health issue and can be treated by Homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad. Other forms of treatment are available. 

Verrucas (verrucae) or plantar warts do affect the pressure areas of one’s feet. Most individuals do get affected at some point in their lifetime, mostly those between ages 12 and 16.

Symptoms of Verruca Plana 

Symptoms of plantar warts or verrucae are:

  • Warts tend to appear in several shapes as well as sizes. 
  • Verrucas are often painful depending upon location. As they commonly do occur on pressure areas of one’s feet such as the heels or the balls of the feet, as they can hurt. Most patients do tend to avoid putting weight over warts and end up with an altered posture as well as gait. This leads to pain in the legs and the back also.
  • At times they are itchy.
  • On scratching warts may tend to bleed as well.
  • Verrucae can be single or more than one rather than clustered together referred to as mosaic warts.
  • The verrucae happen to be round or oval and are rather firmly raised or flattened and their surface is irregular.
  • The skin around the verrucae happens to be white. There is often a black dot in the center that is considered to be the blood vessel lying underneath.
  • Verrucae may not be typically raised but can be flattened due to their occurrence over the pressure areas of one’s feet as constant pressure over them. The weight of the body can force warts to grow back into one’s skin. This leads to pain as well.
  • Verrucae can spread on account of scratching, biting, finger sucking, or perhaps shaving to one’s other parts of the body such as fingers, nails, mouth, face, etc. This does occur due to the breakage of warts and also releases and does spread the virus to other areas.

Treatment of verrucas

To get rid of verrucas (warts), the person has to stimulate one’s body’s immune system to attack the wart virus. Persistence with the treatment as well as patience is essential.

  • Over-the-counter wart does remove a high percentage of salicylic acid and also works by dissolving away the layer of one’s skin infected with the virus. This treatment does need to be used daily and can also sometimes be irritating if it does touch unaffected skin.
  • Verruca can resolve on its own, and may not require treatment. Warts that happen to be very small and not very troublesome need not be dealt with as in a few cases; they will regress on their own. 
  • Treatments can rather be painful and cause scars and also requires to be repeated, like when the warts are highly bothersome or rather interfere with daily life.
  • Duct tape applied daily to one’s affected area seems to work for certain unknown reasons. The tape needs to be very sticky and kept on for some days.
  • Over-the-counter freezing medications are also available but appear to be less effective.

Treatments the doctor may prescribe

  • Destruction with freezing (cryosurgery); burning (electrocautery); laser; or cantharidin, podophyllin, tretinoin, or even acid application
  • Injection of chemotherapy drugs
  • Application of imiquimod, an immunotherapy agent, or other chemicals that do induce an allergic reaction to destroy one’s wart.

Topical treatment

Topical treatment does include wart paints containing salicylic acid or similar compounds, which work by removing the dead surface skin cells.

Homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad

This is also very effective and can be tried out for successful relief.


Signs and symptoms of verruca plana and treatments are worth looking into.

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