Scale-down Ichthyosis suffering with Homeopathy

Scale-down Ichthyosis suffering with Homeopathy

Ichthyosis can be treated by the top 10 homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad and no doubt best homeopathy in Hyderabad can help a person to cope up with the disease.

Ichthyosis refers to different types of skin disorders or diseases that are often characterized by dry, scaly, and flaky skin often associated with inflammation. It is a rare skin disease. It is usually a congenital disorder implying that it is from birth. Ichthyosis does exist in more than one member of the same family.

Top 10 homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad are well versed in curing this disease.

Causes of Ichthyosis : 

  • Unhygienic living
  • Environmental factors
  • Use of contaminated or polluted water
  • Genetic and hereditary factors

What to do when one suffers from Ichthyosis ?

When the patient is affected by any of these skin disorders, very hot baths need to be avoided and it is advisable to dry out the skin immediately. Warm to cool water bath is good without using soap. Cold climates may aggravate the symptoms so it is better to choose to live in warmer conditions.

Scale-down Ichthyosis suffering with HomeopathyIchthyosis does appear on one’s skin as dry, rough, and scaly markings that resemble a fish skin. It does spread all across one’s body. Thus occurs on account of the skin becoming prone to such a condition due to the decreased secretion by the skin glands and the thickening of the skin cells, referred to as keratinization.

As it is a congenital disorder, Ichthyosis is indeed noticed at birth and it does get worse during winter and the patient has little relief during warm and hot weather temporarily. Top 10 homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad can deal with this health issue.

The most affected parts of the body in a patient with Ichthyosis is the back of the hands and legs, as well as the trunk part of the body. The dryness of skin with fish-like scalings does spread to other parts of the body.

Ichthyosis patients cannot be left untreated as this condition is rather related to congenital conditions and the patients have poor defense mechanisms towards the disease. In case, Ichthyosis is not properly treated it can lead to Pyodermas, fungal affections as well as eczemas.Sometimes, Ichthyosis condition does appear in adult age as well and other diseases such as Reticulosis, Leprosy, and Allergy should not be mistaken on account of dryness and scaling of the skin.

On rare occasions does, Ichthyosis progress is stopped after a certain period, maybe till puberty, and later it does not spread but treatment is mandatory in those patients as it does show poor skin defense mechanism. Best homeopathy in Hyderabad can help deal with this health problem. 

Homeopathy for Ichthyosis : 

Homeopathy helps cure this disease. The medicines are given on the basis of genetic traits, birth history, paternal and maternal history, and the general physique along with mind- thought process of an individual patient who is suffering from Ichthyosis.

Homeopathy has indeed proved to be highly reliable in controlling the symptoms that have been caused by Ichthyosis. This is considered to be the safest way to go about treatment as there is no threat of side effects or additional complications. Much observation has been made based upon the vast experience that patients with Ichthyosis have had and the dosages are regulated accordingly. 

Analysis of the changes in immunity and defense mechanisms that help in giving fast relief in those patients is carried out

What precautions should be taken for Ichthyosis?

The patient needs to avoid a cold climate and choose to live in a warm atmosphere.

The levels of Vitamin A need to be monitored and of course, a thyroid function test has to be done on a regular basis.

One needs to have a daily warm bath, sun exposure, and warm oil massage that do help to contain the disease.

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