Psoriasis : Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Psoriasis : Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Psoriasis  is  a chronic skin condition caused due to an overactive oriented immune system.  This condition can be very irritating and can cause much distress and embarrassment.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

  • Inflammation of the skin: The skin flares up on account of psoriasis.
  • Patches: Flaking  thick  or silvery or white patches or even red ones appear. Patches of loose silvery and white patches appear which are painful and very itchy. One experiences an irritating skin, which crack up and bleed. They tend to grow and appear all over thus creating a large area of psoriasis affected skin.
  • Scalp problems: Crust or patches of scales form on the head.
  • Fingernail as well a toenail problem: Nails change their color or rather become pitted. They begin to crumble and get detached from the nail.

Causes of Psoriasis :

Certain causes may affect some people and do not affect others. What triggers Psoriasis one must come to know about it. If one is aware of the causes then one can control the symptoms. Being an immune system, certain causes may make the symptoms worse.

  • Cold and dry weather: Any sort of climate that provides relief to dry skin helps. One must spend time in warm sunny weather as well as high humidity.
  • Certain types of medicines: These include “beta-blockers” drugs are made use to treat high blood pressure  as well as heart problem. Also lithium can cause which is used for bi-polar disorder as well as pills taken for malaria. It is important to inform the doctor about the condition.
  • Stress: One must be calm and also remain relaxed. In anxiety state, outbreaks of psoriasis are likely to take place.
  • Infections: There are other infections such as Tonsilitis as well as throat that can also trigger off psoriasis. Small drops show up on the torso and the limbs. HIV infection can make the situation worse.
  • Alcohol: Heavy drinking especially among young can worsen the situation and affect the treatment process. One can make use of gloves as well as an extra lay er of clothes in order to avoid a break in one’s skin.
  • Injury of the skin: Smallest cuts and bruises, burns can cause psoriasis. Tattos and bug bites can also cause it, leading to a new lesion. One can wear gloves or extra clothing to prevent the discomfort caused by the condition.
  • Smoking: This also causes psoriasis and can worsen the condition. It is better to avoid it.

Psoriasis : Symptoms, Causes and TreatmentTreatment of Psoriasis

Psoriasis cannot be cured but can be treated with the help of systemic and topical treatments. Those suffering from severe psoriasis can expect relief in almost 85% to 90% of cases.

  • Steroid creams
  • Occlusion
  • Oral medication
  • Light therapy

Topical treatments for Psoriasis : These are locally applied and do not have side-effects similar to medicines taken orally. Different topical treatments are:

  • Salicylic acid: Some doctors prefer to make use of this to treat their patients suffering from psoriasis. It helps in smoothen the skin and shed the psoriatic scales. Making use of salicylic acid in large areas of the skin may cause the body to take in more medication, thus causing side-effects. It would lead to the skin absorbing too much of the medication. Salicylic acid can also cause skin irritation as well and also weaken one’s hair shafts, which can lead to breakage as well as temporary hair loss. The effect of these medications are modestly useful.
  • Steriod based creams: Psoriasis can be treated with the help of steroid based creams and also decrease the inflammation caused by it. It relieves one of itching, and blocks the proliferation of cells that are over produced in psoriasis. Stronger preparations can result in side-effects such as dryness of the skin, irritation as well making the skin thin. It is important to follow the doctor’s advice. Vitamin D based medicines are very useful in treating this health condition. Coal-tar ointments as well as shampoos are also beneficial. Prescribed retinoids are also very useful. They contain a sort of synthetic form of Vitamin A that can help in improving psoriasis. They are not as effective as steroids. Topical ointments must be used in a limited way.

Psoriasis may not be curable but can be treated effectively and one can get relief from various methods of treatment options that are available.

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