Polymyositis - Symptoms, Causes and Homeopathy Treatment

Polymyositis – Symptoms, Causes and Homeopathy Treatment

Polymyositis is acknowledged as a chronic and indeed difficult disease condition thus calling for long-term planning treatment. As the name suggests, it is poly-many, my muscles, sites-inflammation. It is a disease condition whereby several of our muscles do get inflamed. It is rather similar to another condition referred to as dermatomyositis, whereby the skin is also involved.

Symptoms of Polymyositis:

Females are no doubt affected more than men. Usually, it does start after around 18 years. Patients suffer from muscular weakness in the legs, which does spread to the upper limbs and then eventually to one’s entire body. There is, of course, a sense of tiredness or fatigue, on account of muscle involvement. Patients do also complain of painful body movement on account of inflammation of muscles. It increases the difficulty of getting up, running, climbing staircase, and also eventually day to day activities, forms a major symptom of this disease.

Polymyositis is indeed a progressive condition, where more and more groups of muscles do tend to get involved, leading to restricted mobility and increasing painfulness. It does not have a tendency to go into natural remission, as recorded in the cases at life force.

Polymyositis is not a common disease, fortunately.

Causes of Polymyositis:

One does not know the exact cause behind Polymyositis. It is yet to be known. However, it does fall in the category of auto-immune disease. It has also been observed to have certain genetic links. In fact, certain infections such as the virus, parasites (protozoa), Lyme disease, etc. might trigger Polymyositis.

Recent studies do indicate the involvement of certain immunological parameter such as some cytokines (IFN-gamma) and IL 2, etc. which are after all released after microvascular muscle injury. That, in turn, does lead to activation of some other cytokines such as TNF-alpha, which is also rather responsible for continued and recurring inflammation of the muscles. In other words, polymyositis is a multi-factorial disorder, where genetic, immunological and other factors are involved. Homeopathic treatment does try to concern itself with multiple factors and also does bring about control of the disease processes as well as relief in the symptoms.

How is Polymyositis diagnosed?

The clinical diagnosis that has been supported by one or more of the following investigations would indeed help to confirm the diagnosis of Polymyositis:

• High blood levels certain enzyme called CPK (Creatine Phospho-Kinase)
• Muscle biopsy
• Electromyogram

Homeopathy Treatment of Polymyositis:

Conventional treatment involves the use of cortisone and immunosuppressive medicines, along with physiotherapy and such supportive measures that are very are useful.

Homeopathic treatment for Polymyositis:

Judging by experience homeopathy has been considered to be a reasonably good treatment to offer for Polymyositis, which does work at two levels:

• It controls the further growth of the disease.
• It also improves the symptoms of pain, fatigue, and mobility.

Homeopathy may not be able to cure the Polymyositis but even the kind of improvement that has been mentioned above is of much significance. Homeopathy is no doubt strongly suggested for treating Polymyositis.  At Dr Ankireddy, We provide Homeopathic treatment for Polymyositis and treated with well experienced and best homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad.

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