Lipoma: Homeopathy Treatment, Medicines, Symptoms

Lipoma: Homeopathy Treatment, Medicines, Symptoms

Lipoma homeopathic medicines are very beneficial to treat lipomas and patients should consult the best homeopathic doctor. Homeopathy treatment is very effective and patients do get relief.

Health conditions need to be treated well and homeopathy is one of the best forms of treatment that can provide much relief. Lipoma homeopathic medicines do provide much relief from the health disorder.

What are lipomas?

A Lipoma happens to be a benign (non-cancerous) tumor composed of fatty tissue, that usually affects adults between 40 to 60 years of age. They are usually painless and soft to touch. Their size does vary from under 1 cm to sizes greater than 8 cm.

It is advisable to consult the best homeopathic doctor for ensuring proper treatment.

Some types of lipoma:

Superficial Subcutaneous lipoma: The most common type of lipoma does rest just below the surface of the skin thus occurring commonly on the forearm, trunk as well as thighs. Since lipomas are indeed made up of fat, they may rather occur anywhere on one’s body where fat is found.

Neural fibro lipoma: Here fatty infiltration of the nerve does lead to its compression thus causing neurological symptoms.

Angiolipoma: These are painful, subcutaneous lipomas thus containing a rather unusually large number of vascular channels.

Intramuscular Lipomas: They are commonly available deep within the large muscles of the extremities.

Spindle cell lipomas: These are rather slow-growing subcutaneous lipomas that are usually found on the back, neck, as well as shoulders of older men.

Lipoma: Homeopathy Treatment, Medicines, Symptoms


The cause of lipomas is not known, but genetic factors do play a role.

Homeopathic Scope:

Homeopathic medicines cannot completely dissolve large lipomas and can only in fact partially soften them and also aid in marginally reducing their respective size.   Lipoma homeopathic medicine can be tried out.

Often lipomas are treated on account of :

Reducing size: Small lipomas (less than1cm) can be of course be significantly reduced in size with homeopathy, especially when they are treated early. Larger lipomas do respond to the medicines, however, not all cases respond favorably. The best homeopathic doctor can do the needful. It is worth consulting one. Expert advice helps a person to clarify his or her doubts about the treatment.

Preventing the formation of new lipomas: Individuals prone to multiple lipomas and in some cases where lipomas do tend to gradually increase in size should surely opt for a course of homeopathy. Most cases treated at HomeoConsult R&D have rather responded favorably to the treatment prescribed.

Relieving pain and discomfort associated with some forms of lipoma: Occasionally lipomas can cause neurological discomfort and pain which can be relieved homeopathically.

Safety & Efficacy: Homeopathic remedies, in general, do not have any known side effects. 

Homeopathic medicines for Lipoma:

There is of course a general tendency to go in for surgical removal of Lipoma even if there is happens to be no harm on account of its presence. People prefer surgery for cosmetic reasons. But Lipoma is no doubt curable with the use of internal Homeopathic medicines without requiring any external painful measures. Homeopathic medicines for lipomas do provide effective recovery and there is no need to go in for surgery in Lipoma cases. By making use of selected Homeopathic medicines, the Lipomas get dissolved, but the body’s tendency to Lipoma formation also gets diminished from its root.

What about Surgery for lipomas?

Surgery needs to be done as a last resort and is usually for cosmetic reasons. However, do note that lipomas can also reoccur at the site of excision and may continue to develop at new locations. It is therefore advisable to try out homeopathy in case the condition is within its scope, as homeopathy is completely non-invasive and free of any sort of side effects.


No doubt, lipoma homeopathic medicine does help cure this health condition to a great extent although complete cure may not be possible. They are softened.

Treatment of Lipomas does involve a specially formulated Homeopathy treatment for Lipomas. The treatment protocol does involve tailor-made homeopathic treatment and of course are specially sourced Homeopathy medicines for Lipoma.


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