Leukoderma and its Treatment in Homoeopathy

Leucoderma and its Treatment in Homoeopathy

White patches caused by Leucoderma can be distressing and homeopathic treatment is available for it. Patients can opt for such treatment. It is not infectious.

The whiteness offered by skin diseases such as Leucoderma is often depressing for all the sufferers. Skin happens to be a protective covering for our bodies. It does protect the body from heat or cold, external germs, toxins, etc. Melanin is the coloring pigment of our body. It is mostly black in color. Sometimes it may be brown or creamy yellow in color. Best homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad can be had.

Leukoderma and its Treatment in HomoeopathyMelanocytes are indeed the cells responsible for the formation of melanin pigment. It is present in the basal layer of the epidermis and the first layer of the dermis, i.e. melanin is rather present in two layers. Generally, the color of the skin acts as a shield for rays that do enter the body, i.e. color acts such as a dark film in a car that does restrict UV rays. UV rays from sunlight do penetrate the epidermis as well as the dermis. This UV penetration makes melanocytes produce more melanin as a natural defense or protective mechanism. More pigmentation does make the skin more opaque to prevent the body from the harmful effects of UV rays. So, black skin does protect us from the harmful effects of UV rays such as a black umbrella. The black umbrella is the best anti UV rays shield, better than any other colored, beach or rain umbrella.

Likewise, in white skin people (even for leucoderma patients), hot sun UV rays penetrate more, putting them at risk for sunburn, skin cancer, etc. Leucoderma happens to be a miserable acquired skin disorder, thus making skin white due to the loss of the melanin pigment. It is a non-contagious disease. It is otherwise termed as vitiligo. This progressive, cutaneous discoloration or depigmentation of the skin does disturb the sufferer cosmetically more and rarely functionally i.e. they feel ashamed to be in public. Best homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad for Leukoderma is available.

Leucoderma meaning Leuco – White and Derma – Skin also referred to as Vitiligo in medical terminology is an autoimmune disorder of the skin in which certain parts of the skin begin to lose its color leading to the appearance of white patches. One’s skin does contain a substance called Melanin, which is a dark pigment that does give color to the skin, and also protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. When the Melanin gets destroyed, lost gradually or not produced then the skin tends to lose its color and white spots appear referred to as Vitiligo or Leucoderma. These white patches are irregular in appearance with an outline that is darker than the skin, they gradually increase in size and also appear milky white under ultraviolet light. The most common sites of pigment loss are body folds such as groins or armpits, around body openings such as the face or hands.

Leukoderma is not infectious, it does not spread by touching someone or handling personal belongings or food, and it does not cause any harm, pain or suffering. 

There is a condition known as Albinism seen in children with a congenital absence of Melanin causing complete white skin of the whole body. It is also very important to know that every white patch is not Leucoderma, other conditions may look similar to Leucoderma.

Try to opt for the best homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad to treat Leucoderma.


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