Homeopathic treatment of hydrocele

Hydrocele – Symptoms, Causes, Homeopathic Treatment

A hydrocele is a swelling in the scrotum of a boy, a thin sac that holds his testicles. It does happen when too much fluid does build up inside. The condition is indeed most common in newborns, though older boys and men can also get it too.

It may also sound or look serious, even painful, but one need not worry, as it will not hurt one’s baby. It might rather go away on its own, although one should still see the doctor about it.

Causes of hydrocele

A hydrocele can also start before one’s son is born. His testicles do grow inside one’s belly and then tends to move down into the scrotum through a short tunnel. A sac of fluid does go along with each testicle. Normally, the tunnel and the sac seal off before birth, and the baby’s body absorbs the fluid inside. When this process does not go as it should, then one can get a hydrocele.

There are two types of hydrocele:

  • A noncommunicating hydrocele that does happen when the sac does close like normal, but the body of the boy does not absorb the fluid inside it.
  • Communicating hydrocele does happen when the sac does not seal. With this type, the scrotum may also swell more over time.
  • Babies born prematurely are rather more likely to have a hydrocele.

Symptoms of hydrocele

A hydrocele does not hurt. The only symptom that one will notice is that one or even both of one son’s testicles do look swollen. Even if he is not in pain, one needs to see the pediatrician in order to make sure he does not have other health problems that are rather causing the swelling, such as an infection, a tumor, or even a hernia.

The swelling from a noncommunicating hydrocele does not change in size. A communicating hydrocele can also get bigger during the day, and if one gently squeezes it, the fluid will also move out of the scrotum and into the belly.

Hydrocele Diagnosis

When one visits the doctor, a physical examination is carried out. The scrotum is checked out for fluid and tenderness, and a light is passed through it to see if there is fluid around the testicle.
The doctor will also check to make sure the baby does not have a hernia.

The son may also have a blood test as well as an ultrasound in order to make sure nothing else is indeed causing the swelling.

Hydrocele Complications

Although hydroceles are known to be benign (mild and not progressive), they can also be a sign of a more serious testicular condition (e.g., tumor, infection). If a hydrocele does become infected, it can also lead to complications thus requiring surgical intervention.

A hydrocele also can be a symptom of an inguinal hernia, in which part of the intestine does enter into the abdominal wall. Inguinal hernias can also be life-threatening and must also be treated surgically.

Homeopathic treatment of hydrocele

A hydrocele can be treated well with homeopathy. At Dr Ankireddy, Homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad provide best and suitable treatment to cure the disease. Most cases are healed and surgery can also be avoided. The medicine does absorb the fluid within the body and actually prevents the local irritation or inflammation, thus preventing from recurrence also. Most patients do show significant improvement in about three to four weeks at the start of treatment, the full length of treatment is usually for about four months. Some patients may also indeed need a longer course of medication. It is also possible to avoid surgery in most cases if timely homeopathic treatment is made use of.

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