Homeopathy Treatment for Pityriasis Alba

Homeopathy Treatment for Pityriasis Alba

Pityriasis alba happens to be a skin condition, a type of dermatitis, that is commonly seen in children as well as young adults as dry, fine-scaled, pale patches on the person’s face. It is also self-limiting and usually only requires the use of moisturizer creams.

Pityriasis alba is a self-limiting disease that lasts for 6-12 months without any sort of treatment. Some precautionary measures will indeed help a person to recover from it. Patients are all across the world USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE as well als0 more countries.

There is no single specific remedy for these cases of pityriasis alba. The exact treatment is rather determined only by an in-depth evaluation of the individual case. But, a few most commonly made uses of remedies are Thuja, Bacillinum, Sulphur, Tellurium, and Natrum Muraticum.

Different types of Pityriasis are categorized depending on the area affected and the symptoms.

Homeopathy Treatment for Pityriasis AlbaSymptoms

Pityriasis alba usually does not cause symptoms. It can be itchy. It indeed causes slightly scaly, round, or oval patches on one’s skin. The patches do look slightly pink. Later they tend to fade and leave behind areas that are lighter than the other skin. They most often appear on the person’s face, neck, and upper arms.

People living in areas of high humidity as well as temperatures are indeed likely to be affected by this disease.

Risk Factors

The risk factor associated with Pityriasis Alba is Hay fever: It is an allergic condition characterized by a runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, as well as sneezing. It is important to note that having a risk factor does not mean that one will get the condition.


Pityriasis alba does resolve spontaneously; treatment does consist primarily of trigger avoidance, good general skincare, as well as education of the patient’s parents about the benign nature of this self-limited disorder. Patients need to use adequate sun protection to prevent the darkening of their natural skin color.


Homeopathy treatment does provide much scope in treating such cases. With the use of these medicines, the spots on the skin tend to gradually start fading away. These also do reduce the dryness, scaling over the spots, and also help to relieve itching in the spots if present. The homeopathic medicines for treating it are rather prepared from naturally occurring substances. 

  • Arsenic Album – For dry rough spots with scales, this medicine is very effective, particularly on the skin covered with scales.
  • Calcarea Carb – This is useful for Pityriasis spots on the face. This medicine does offer great help in cases where Pityriasis spots on the face are marked.
  • Thuja – When it does affect the face and neck, this medicine is beneficial and is prepared from fresh twigs of the plant Thuja Occidentalis and is having the common name Arbor Vitae.
  • Merc Sol – For spots on the forearm and chest this medicine can be made use of. 
  • Silicea – This is useful for red spots on one’s neck. 

Thus, Pityriasis happens to be the general term made use of for a group of skin diseases that are characterized by lesions that are rather harmless and have no features of inflammation. These do resemble dandruff-like scales that tend to appear on different areas of the body. Different types of Pityriasis are rather categorized depending much on the area affected and there are no symptoms of inflammation. These resemble dandruff-like scales that do appear on different areas of one’s body. 

Pityriasis is of all types and can be effectively cured with the help of Homeopathy. Patients will no doubt be relieved of symptoms such as inflammation, irritation, as well as reddishness in a short time and the condition will disappear without any side effects via Homeopathy.

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