Homeopathy Treatment for Liver Disease

Homeopathy Treatment for Liver Disease

Best homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad are well versed to treat liver diseases and thus it is advisable to consult the best homeo doctor in Hyderabad.

Homeopathy is indeed extremely effective in the management of a large variety of diseases of the liver. Patients with simple self-limiting conditions such as Hepatitis A to those suffering from the more complicated conditions such as cirrhosis of one’s liver and hepatocellular carcinoma can rather derive benefits with homeopathic treatment making use of specific treatment regimens some of them expressly developed for this purpose.

Best homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad do the needful.Several diseases of the liver have no specific treatment in conventional medicine. Conditions that may lead to liver disease are heavy alcohol consumption as well as chronic viral hepatitis that are being two of the commonest causes. If the patient does come to us in the early stages, homeopathic treatment can indeed keep the disease arrested and, in several cases, improve it to an extent that it does become undetectable. In patients who have advanced cirrhosis, one’s treatment is directed towards keeping the disease arrested and also maintaining a high quality of life for the patient. Difficult signs, as well as symptoms that do build-up of large amounts of fluid in the abdomen (ascites) and bleeding from dilated veins of the food pipe (oesophageal varices), are also effectively managed with homeopathic treatment. The best homeo doctor in Hyderabad can be consulted to get the best treatment possible.

Drug-induced liver injury happens to be a condition that a person often comes across. 75% of these cases are said to lead to either liver transplant or death. This condition may, of course, arise after courses of antibiotics and a variety of other conventional drugs are taken. In this condition, the liver is under acute strain with very limited options in allopathy, since the patient may react adversely to other drugs too. Many such cases that have been treated at intensive care units at the leading hospitals of the world have made dramatic recoveries after starting homeopathic treatment.

One does come across several patients of hepatocellular carcinoma of which many have made complete recoveries when treatment was started in the early stages. The disease can be arrested, and life span extended and thus provide a very high quality of life.

Hepatocellular carcinoma is supposed to have a median survival period of 11 months with a maximum survival of 24 months. There are of course at times more patients and most patients who have undergone homeopathic treatment did cross the five-year survival mark.

Similarly, patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis with ascites (fluid in their abdomen) have a 1-year survival rate of 50%. However, amongst those a person has treated, the survival beyond one year is close to 80%.

Homeopathy happens to be in conjunction with conventional treatment. In advanced liver disease, hospital management, as well as close monitoring, is required. Important procedures such as draining of the abdominal fluid, stopping blood loss, increasing blood protein levels, and so on, there is a need that it should be performed under expert guidance. Many of the patients, often begin treatment while in hospital. Best homeopathic doctors in 

Hyderabad knows how to deliver the best treatment to the patients.Many difficult conditions which are considered irreversible or incurable, do require prolonged treatment spanning years. However, other conditions such as viral hepatitis may need a very short course of treatment.

Homeopathy Treatment for Liver Disease

Counseling the patient with advice on dietary as well as lifestyle changes is indeed a very important part of one’s treatment. Many conditions such as alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver, etc. do need a drastic change in lifestyle for the treatment to work and to prevent a recurrence. Also, in advanced liver disease, it is necessary to understand which food groups to increase consumption for and what to avoid can contribute to better management of the condition.

Homeopathy needs to be considered as a viable and important option for patients with different kinds of liver disease. It can safely reduce suffering as well as shorten the period of recovery for acute diseases. In chronic liver disease, homeopathy can keep parameters in check and also provide a high quality of life. The best homeo doctor in Hyderabad can be depended upon for proper treatment.

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