Homeopathy treatment for Ingrown Toenails

Homeopathy treatment for Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails (also referred to as onychocryptosis) does happen to be a condition whereby the side of a toenail does tend to grow into the surrounding soft skin around one’s nail fold. This growth does cause pain, swelling, as well as tenderness in the corner of the nail. The most commonly affected part happens to be the big toe, but ingrown toenails can rather develop on any foot. An ingrown toenail can rather reoccur if not treated properly.

Homeopathic Treatment of Ingrown Toenail

Homeopathic treatment of ingrown toenails does involve stimulating the body’s natural restorative process to help ease the pain as well as symptoms associated with the condition. Unless treated properly, the condition can turn out to be a recurring problem.  

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1. Magnetis Polus Australis– For Ingrown Toenail having Pulsating Pain 

Magnetis Polus Australis happens to be the medicine indicated when there is extreme pain in the ingrown toenail coupled with sharp, pulsating pain as well as intense soreness around the affected part.

2. Graphites Naturalis– For Ingrown Toenail present Thick Nails

Graphites have also known as Black Lead Plumbago is rather derived from the crushed grain of purest black lead. Graphites Naturalis is used to treat ingrown toenails if the nails are thick and rough.

3. Nitric Acid– For Ingrown Toenail having Splinter-like Sensation

Nitric acid happens to be a popular remedy for mineral composition. It is prepared by blending sodium nitrate cum sulphuric acid. It is used when the ingrown toenails cause a sort of splinter-like sensation in the nail. The nails happen to be curved, yellow, or distorted.

4. Silicea and Myristica Sebifera– For Ingrown Toenail having Pus Discharge

Silicea commonly is referred to as Pure flint and is a leading homeopathic remedy of mineral background and is no doubt derived from the chemical compound silicon dioxide. These are made use of when there is an infection with pus discharge in the affected nails. These medicines do help relieve pain and clear up the discharge.

5. Teucrium Marum Verum– For Suppuration of One’s Nail Groove

Teucrium Marum Verum is often known as Cat Thyme. Cat thyme plant belongs to the genus of the mint family. 

Homeopathy treatment for Ingrown ToenailsCauses of Ingrown Toenails

  • Wearing tight or rather ill-fitted footwear
  • Trimming of the toenails either by cutting the nails too short or perhaps leaving the edges sharp, 
  • Injury to one’s toenail,
  • Naturally curved toenails,
  • Genetic susceptibility,
  • Nail plate trauma usually does occur by dropping objects on one’s toenail or stubbing the toenail.
  • Other causes can rather include making use of feet extensively during athletic activities such as ballet, football, and kickboxing) in which repeatedly kicking the object or pressure on one’s feet for long periods is there. susceptibility and improper foot hygiene such as not keeping feet clean or dry are other factors.

Signs and Symptoms of Ingrown Toenails

  • The surrounding skin of the affected nail is rather painful, swollen as well as red and the affected part happens to be tender. An infection can develop in the tissue surrounding one’s nail, thus causing yellow or white pus discharge. 
  • Overgrowth of skin around the toe is common.


  • An untreated ingrown nail can lead to nail infection which can further cause foot ulcer, open sores, or even loss of blood flow to the infected area scarring of surrounding skin and nail borders.
  • An ingrown nail can also lead to tissue decay and tissue death at the location of the infection (cellulitis).
  • Diabetes can also complicate ingrown nails as even small cuts, may quickly become infected due to lack of blood flow as well as nerve sensitivity.
  • Toenail infection on account of the ingrown nail can lead to the bone causing infection (osteomyelitis).
  • Lichen planus can also be a complication for an ingrown nail.

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