Homeopathy Treatment for Guillain barre Syndrome

Homeopathy Treatment for Guillain barre Syndrome

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Guillain Barre Syndrome happens to be a rare autoimmune disorder in which the body’s immune system tends to attack the nerves of the peripheral nervous system (PNS). It is indeed a serious disorder and the initial symptoms are rather weakness, tingling as well as numbness in the limbs. It can eventually lead to paralysis. Homeopathic Remedies can be made use of along with conventional modes of treatment to manage the symptoms.  Homeopathy clinics in Hyderabad can treat well.

Homeopathy has indeed been effective in treating GBS. Homeopathy does work on every system of one’s body: physical, mental, and emotional.

Treatment can be had at homeopathy clinics in Hyderabad.

Homeopathy Treatment for Guillain barre SyndromeRole of homeopathy:

It has indeed been clinically observed that homeopathy does indeed help cases of GB Syndrome. It does seem to help by correcting the altered immune system. The medicines are rather very effective in treating the residual symptoms of Guillain-Barré syndrome.

1. Conium – Top Grade Medicine 

Conium happens to be a leading medicine to manage cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome. The main indicating feature to use this medicine is rather a paralysis of lower limbs followed by that of upper limbs. The next indication for making use of it is weakness in the legs. Along with this, there is also difficulty in walking and also staggering gait. Person who are requiring it may complain of heaviness as well as tiredness, and weakness in all limbs. They may also experience numbness of fingers as well as toes. Hands and also feet may also feel cold. Other than this it is also indeed helpful when there is tearing pain in one’s limbs.

2. Aconite – for Tingling beginning in Feet and Spreading Upwards

This medicine is rather prepared from the plant Aconitum Napellus which is often known as monkshood. In most cases it is required for tingling in limbs is accompanied by shooting pains in the legs, knees, ankles, and toes. There can be coldness as well as sweating of hands as well as feet. Numbness in the legs, as well as feet, can also be present.

3. Causticum – For Weakness and Paralysis

This is indeed very suitable medicine to manage cases of weakness, paralysis, and also loss of bladder control. It is well indicated for weakness or paralysis of the affected person’s limb. It is also made used for weakness or paralysis of one’s facial muscles. It is useful for managing the loss of bladder control.

4. Lathyrus – For Weakness in Lower Limbs

This medicine is rather prepared from the plant Lathyrus sativus is commonly known as chickpea. This plant does belong to the family Leguminosae. It is prominent medicine for cases having weakness in one’s lower limbs. For making use of it the left side is weak than the right. Standing is difficult and also walking with this. It is also used for paralysis of the legs. 

5. Picric Acid – For Weakness, Numbness, Pricking in Legs

It is a very beneficial medicine for weakness, numbness as well as pricking in the legs. Along with this heaviness is also felt in lower limbs and there is also difficulty in lifting legs from the floor.

6. Agaricus – For treating prickling sensation in feet, toes, and uncertain gait

This medicine is recommended for prickling, tingling sensation in feet, and toes, and shooting pain as well. It can be used for weakness as well as weariness of lower limbs. The legs do feel heavy. The gait is uncertain. There is also pain in one’s legs and also a sensation of paralytic numbness in the lower legs. People have difficulty going upstairs due to pain and weakness in their legs. 

7. Arsenic Album – For Tingling, Prickling in the Fingers

It is a useful medicine for managing tingling sensation in fingers and weakness and exhaustion in limbs also. 


Homeopathic treatment offers supportive help in these cases along with conventional treatment for symptom relief. These medicines do help in halting further worsening of this condition and also provides symptomatic relief. It is worth considering the best homeopathic treatment in Hyderabad for relief. 

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