Homeopathy Remedies For Poison Ivy

Homeopathy Remedies For Poison Ivy

One starts itching when one gets into contact with poison ivy and that can be very irritating indeed. One does scratch a lot and naturally one would like to treat it. Homeopathy is a good way out. One thing one learns about poison ivy effect is that the even the oak as well as the sumac plants look like poison ivy.

How does poison ivy affect us?

The urushiol oil from the poison ivy, oak as well as sumac plants gets onto one’s skin and does cause the poison rash. The same oil problem applies to all the three plants. This problem does not simply occur by touching the poison ivy, oak or sumac plant as one gets the urushiol oil on one’s skin, but also by touching even garden tools, pets, etc. which make urushiol oil get on us thus causing poisonous eruptions.

How to prevent poison ivy, oak, and sumac?

One has to wash off the oil within the span of 2 to 8 hours when coming in contact with the urushiol with the help of washcloth or loofah and any sort of soap. The friction of the washcloth removes the oil from the skin.

How to select a homeopathy remedy for poison rash?

Whether it is poison ivy, oak or sumac it does not matter what form of homeopathic remedy selection. One has to focus on the symptoms which will tell what sort of homeopathic medicine is required.

What are the criteria for the selection of a Homeopathic remedy for poison ivy, oak and sumac are:

  • Where the rash is located. (Face, limbs, etc.)
  • What the eruptions look like (orange peel, eruptions in line or so. etc.)
  • Whether one’s itching is for the better or worse (hot/cold application, etc.),
  • Kind of fluid in one’s eruption (watery, sticky, yellow, etc.)

Apart from the appearance of the poison eruption, one must make use of an indicator to help in proper remedy selection. One would like to assess whether the itching is for the better or worse. One can also physically apply hot as well as cold water on the eruption(s) in order to see which soothes the itching and also does bring relief.

These are the common Homeopathic remedies that one can make use of and in all probability, one will be making use of 30c or 200c potency of a Homeopathic remedy.

Rhus Toxicodendron (Poison Oak) Rhus Tox 200c or 1m – The eruptions are usually red swollen with intense itching as well as burning. Rhus Tox is meant for an itching poison rash that feels better from having hot water beating on the respect eruptions, which does cause a burning, and yet it does involve scratching. For a bad case of the poison rash, it is better to use 1m potency.

Anacardium Orientale (Marking Nut) Anac 30c – The blisters are the normally the size of a pinhead or rather a pea size that is similar to an orange peel having swellings. The intense itching causes worse scratching and applying hot water to the rash. Itching is better from rubbing.

Ledum Palustre (Marsh Tea) Led 30c – This is indeed an effective poison ivy remedy that is also better for applying cold to the itchy skin. Eruptions get worse by scratching. The affected area can be rather cold to touch with the affected surrounding area being warm on the other hand with a bluish color.

Graphites Naturalis (Black Lead) Graph 30c – The eruption(s) are vesicular in nature and ooze a honey sticky serum from one’s dry skin. The eruptions are rather worse from heat. The graph is also made use of chronic poison oak.

Clematis Erecta (Virgin’s Bower) Clem 30c – Clematis is also made use of for poisonous eruptions that get infected and also secrete a yellow burning fluid. The poison rash is getting worse if washed in cold water and due to the heat of the bed.


For itching one can make use of the poison eruption that goes away. One must take Fagopyrum Esculentum (Buckwheat) Fago 30c or 200c dry (placing 1-3 pellets on the tongue) a few times in a day along with the Homeopathic remedy for the poison rash. Fago will also help support the selected poison rash Homeopathic remedy, by just addressing the itching.


Sometimes the area is swollen from the poison eruption (face, limbs, etc.). Apis Mellifica (Honey-Bee) Apis 200c is for skin that appears red rosy color with burning as well as stinging pains. The swelling is also secondary to the poisonous eruptions and must aim at taking out the fluid out from the swelling; Apis 200c will be useful for such health issue. Apis 200c can be had several times a day, along with Homeopathic remedy for the poison eruptions.

Topical for Poison Ivy

One can mix together Echinacea Angustifolia or Echinacea Purpurea Tincture and Aloe Vera juice in a spray bottle along with water in it. Spray it on one’s skin several times a day and then of course gently dry with a blow dryer. The Echinacea and Aloe Vera concoction help in soothing the skin and also keep the poison rash from getting infected.

Homeopathic Remedy Potency and Managing the Remedy

Managing a poison rash case can also be tricky. The first goal is not to have any more new eruptions the following day. Next, the Homeopathic remedy has to help in dealing with those eruption(s) that already exist.

One can take a Homeopathic remedy by placing the pellets directly on one’s tongue. Another effective way to make use of these remedies in order to take the selected Homeopathic remedy in a Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB) with 10 successions thus tapping the bottom of RSB into the palm of one’s hand and taking several doses of it in a day.

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