Homeopathy Remedies for Angina?

Homeopathy Remedies for Angina?

Angina is a pain in the chest or heart when the latter does not get sufficient blood inflow. One experiences pressure or rather squeezing pain the one’s chest. The pain may occur in one’s arm, neck, shoulders, jaw or even back.

Angina is symptomatic of coronary heart disease (CAD), which happens to be common heart disease. It occurs when plaque builds up in one’s arteries and is referred to as atherosclerosis. As the plaque develops more in the arteries, the latter become narrow and stiff, thus hindering the flow of to the heart which in turns reduces the oxygen supply to one’s heart muscle.

Types of Angina

  1. Stable angina
  2. Unstable angina

Homeopathic treatment of Angina:

Amyl nitrite [Aml-n]

In the acute attacks of this disease Amyl nitrite is usually the remedial treatment one adheres to and is provided by olfaction of the crude substance. The action is to produce a speedy dilation of the capillaries in one’s upper part of the body. One face becomes flushed and the heart acts rapidly as well as tumultuously. One feels one has a band around one’s head and there is constriction about the heart and oppressed breathing. It is very beneficial in relieving the paroxysm, and in case the symptoms correspond it will be found useful at other times as well. Aconite is very useful when one suffers from an attack of vaso-motor angina on account of exposures to cold accompanied with intense anxiety. Cold pain radiates from one’s head in all directions, with a feeling of numbness, tingling, as well as paraesthesia.

Glonoine [Glon]

or Nitroglycerine is a very similar remedy. It has been proved and its action is fairly well known. Its grand characteristic is throbbing all over the body in every vessel, a feeling of fullness in a region of the heart, and perhaps sharp pains radiating in all directions from the heart, labored breathing, and fluttering of the heart, it feels contracted. Arsenicum has also proved useful especially in preventing the paroxysms.

Crataegus [Crat]

One experiences sudden and awful pain in one’s left breast which radiates over one’s heart and down one’s left arm. One feels afraid of impending death. One can make use of tincture in water making use of, frequent doses.

Cimicifuga [Cimic]

In this case, the pain emanates all over the chest and one experiences a sensation that one’s left arm was bound to one’s side The patient may become unconscious. Furthermore, the heart suddenly ceases to act and one feels suffocated and one’s pulse is rather weak as well as feeble. Magnesia phosphorica 6x placed in hot water will actually provide much relief from paroxysms of angina’s attack and also reduce its duration.

Spigelia [Sep]

Is definitely a very a useful remedy to treat substernal pain which does radiate down to one’s neck and arms and one experiences irregular pulse, and there is a tendency to syncope, palpitation as well as sharp stitches in one’s heart. The pulse becomes weak and irregular. Nux vomica, Staphisagria, and Tabacum have proved very useful. Tabacum 3x has been able to cure cases of angina pectoris in patients with arteriosclerosis.

One can go in for homeopathy to treat angina attack the medication reduces the pain and also provides much relief after the attack.

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