Homeopathy medicine for Hernia: Effectiveness, Benefits and Side Effects

Homeopathy medicine for Hernia: Effectiveness, Benefits and Side Effects

The hernia can be treated by homeopathic medicines although many people opt for surgery. It is extra growth that needs to be removed.

A hernia happens to be a health problem whereby a body organ protrudes out of the weak tissue or muscle. Some people get a hernia from birth, it is congenital. Others suffer from it as a result of lifestyle changes such as repeated pregnancy, obesity, chronic cough, excessive weight lifting or excessive fat. Best Homoeopathy Clinics in Hyderabad provide excellent treatment for hernia.

Homeopathy for hernia

Here are few homeopathic medicines for hernia:

· Nux Vomica 

This is given to almost all types of hernia – femoral, inguinal, and umbilical as well as a strangulated hernia. It is usually for those hernia patients who rather complain of weak muscles on account of chronic constipation. 

Homeopathy medicine for Hernia: Effectiveness, Benefits and Side Effects· Calcarea carbonica

Calcarea carbonica happens to be a homeopathic medicine meant to treat hernia for obese patients. Due to excessive fat in the abdomen, obese people have weak abdominal muscles. 

· Lycopodium Clavatum

To treat a weak digestive system and excessive flatulence in the abdomen for hernia patients, this medicine is indeed useful.

· Rhus Toxicodendron

It is a medicine to strengthen the weak abdominal muscles. 

· Cocculus

A patient diagnosed with inguinal hernia, prescribed this medicine. It provides relief from bloating and flatus. Best Homoeopathy Clinics in Hyderabad do cater well to cure hernia.

Benefits of homeopathy medicine for hernia

The best part about homeopathy medicines for hernia is that there is indeed no surgery, cuts, and wounds involved. But people do fail to understand that this is not treating hernia, it is simply providing temporary relief. In fact, research is on to figure out the treatment to cure hernia of its roots in homeopathy. 

But can homeopathy cure hernia completely?

There is rather no medication that can treat hernia whether it is allopathic or homeopathic. Surgery is the way out to treat the protruding organ and tear in the tissues. Medicines may rather prevent a hernia from getting worse. Medicine is meant to treat the symptoms not the actual problem. 

Alternative treatment for hernia other than homeopathy:

Surgery is a very effective form of treatment. The surgical treatment for a hernia is: 

· Open surgery for a hernia

In open hernia repair, a large incision, or cut, is made in the abdomen at the defect region. The doctor does identify the hernia and then pushes the hernia back into its place and strengthens the abdominal wall with the help of stitches or synthetic mesh. The stay at the hospital much depends on one’s condition after the hernia surgery. The recovery may take longer. It may be required to refrain from strenuous activities and exercise for four to six weeks after the surgery.

· Laparoscopic surgery to treat hernia

Laparoscopic surgery happens to be the most common and preferred surgery to treat a hernia. Homeopathic medicines and home remedies may in fact temporarily help reduce the symptoms. A laparoscope has, of course, a video camera at the top which provides a clear view of the hernia and weak tissues. The surgeon then fills the abdomen with harmless gas for a clear view. The peritoneum (the inner lining of the abdomen) is cut to expose the weakness in the abdominal wall. Mesh is placed on the inside in order to cover the defects in the abdominal wall and strengthens the tissue. Finally, after the procedure is complete, the small abdominal incisions are closed with sutures or adhesive glue or with surgical tape. The incisions are hardly visible after a few months. 


The immediate reaction to seeing any abnormal swelling or lump in the body is to go in for surgery. Yet, there are homeopathic medicines that one can try out. Towards this end, one can visit best Homoeopathy clinics in Hyderabad. 

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