Homeopathy Helping with Sunburn and Sun Allergy

Homeopathy Helping with Sunburn and Sun Allergy

Homeopathy medicine in Hyderabad can be made use of for treating sun allergies caused due to basking in the sun for a long time. Homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad can help out.

Summer has begun and it is a fun time of course and that too in the hot sun. It is but natural to suffer from sunburns or perhaps sun allergies. The latter can be avoided by using strong sunscreen. People interested in avoiding sunburns can try out homeopathy. Homeopathy medicine in Hyderabad is indeed very popular for its effectiveness.

Sunburn happens to be a first or second-degree burn (if more severe) caused due to over-exposure to the radiation of the sun. The symptoms felt are redness, pain, swelling, the warmth of the affected skin, blisters, general fatigue. Itching, peeling or perhaps rash may also occur as the condition develops. To resolve this situation, some homeopathic medicine can be had to ease the pain from sunburns and burns. It is good to consult homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad. 

  • Arnica:

Arnica can be administered first for the shock of the burn or perhaps scald in 30th (2 doses 15 minutes apart) or 200th potency (1 dose immediately). It is in fact, a first-choice remedy for sunburn too. 

  • Urticaria Urens:

Urticaria Urens can help deal with minor 1st-degree burns and can be had in the form of 30th potency every 15 minutes until pain subsides, or as per requirement. 

  • Cantharis:

This is beneficial for the pain of burns/sunburn and uses this if the pain does not respond to Urticaria urens within 30-45 minutes. It can be had as 30th or 200th potency every 15 minutes until the pain is reduced, and taken as per need. 

  • Phosphorus:

If the burn is on account of electric shock give Phosphorus 30 or 200 every 15 minutes until pain does improve. 

Homeopathy Helping with Sunburn and Sun Allergy


  • Homeopathic Burns ointment by Boiron:

This is very good as an adjunct to oral remedies. It can be made use of for first-degree burns only and helps reduce the pain quickly.

Homeopathic medicine can indeed be a safe approach to treat sun allergy without any sort of side effects at all. Homeopathy medicine in Hyderabad are much in use and some of the commonly used homeopathic medicine for sun allergy are: 

  • Apis Mellifica:

This helps treat burning and itchy pink swollen patches, and is improved by cold compresses. 

  • Belladonna:

This can be used for hot bright red rash and also if sun allergy is accompanied by fever. 

  • Hypericum:

Herbal and homeopathic preparations of St.John`s wort s also an effective remedy for sun allergy. Herbal preparations do make the skin more vulnerable to sunlight while daily doses of homeopathic dilutions of St.John`s wort do have the opposite action as they tend to desensitize the skin. The skin does become accustomed to UV light and symptoms caused by sun exposure are indeed reduced. 

  • Muriaticum Acidum:

Red papules and vesicles with violent itching 

  • Natrum muriaticum:

Sun allergy is worse at the seaside with various chronic skin disorders – urticaria, eczema, acne, herpes; skin, and respiratory allergies. 

  • Pulsatilla:

This is useful for thin mottled skin, sensitive to sunlight and cold, and is prone to sunburn and sun allergy in summer and to frostbites in winter; slow digestion with intolerance to fatty foods. It is also good for ENT and urogenital disorders with yellow-greenish discharge. 

  • Sulphur:

This can be made use of for treating severe sun allergy with violent burning and itching worse by bathing as well as heat; skin and body orifices turn red easily, prone to various skin disorders as well as multiple allergies heat intolerance. 

  • Histaminum 9C:

For sun allergy: People who are rather susceptible to hives and can be had once a week. 


With the help of homeopathic medicine, a person can feel safe and have as much as fun desired during the summer. Homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad can do the needful as far as sun allergy is concerned. 

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