Homeopathy for Hypothyroidism

Homeopathy for Hypothyroidism

Homeopathy for Hypothyroidism is indeed a very popular form of treating a patient with thyroid issues. Homeopathic medicines have proved to be very useful.

Hypothyroidism happens to be a condition in which the thyroid gland is underactive and does not produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones that are required in one’s body. The popular cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disorder in which the antibodies are produced by the immune system against its tissue, which in turn tends to attack the thyroid gland resulting in hypothyroidism. Severe Iodine deficiency can also lead to hypothyroidism. Patients can opt for homeopathy for hypothyroidism which is highly effective and especially useful for people who prefer to avoid the side effects of prescription drugs.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Calcarea carb, Sepia, Lycopodium Clavatum, Graphites, and Nux Vomica are the leading remedies for hypothyroidism.

1. Calcarea Carbonica:

Calcarea Carbonica is well received for treating hypothyroidism. It is part and parcel of homeopathy for hypothyroidism. Its use is rather highly recommended in obese people who are always chilly and cannot tolerate cold air. The patient who does require this medicine is fair complexioned, fatty and flabby. Excessive sweating on the head is there among hypothyroid patients. Certain peculiarities in eating habits such as a craving for boiled eggs, desire for indigestible things like chalk, pencils, lime, and aversion to taking fats also does guide towards its usage in patients of hypothyroidism. This medicine can provide relief from constipation in hypothyroid patients; the peculiar feature observed is that the first part of stool happens to be hard and is also followed by soft stool. This medicine does prove to be very well in women with hypothyroidism who suffer from very profuse menses that continue for long durations and also occur earlier than the expected date. The patient experiences the coldness of feet during the menstrual period.

2. Sepia Officinalis:

Sepia Officinalis is beneficial in treating the hypothyroid patient who is very weak, has a pale yellow face and faints very easily especially on exposure to excessive cold temperature. Such patients indeed lack vital heat of the body and also feel excessively chilly even in a warm room. This medicine can treat the menstrual complaints in patients of hypothyroidism where the menses do appear rather very early and are copious in nature. It is medicine well acknowledged as homeopathy for hypothyroidism.

3.Lycopodium Clavatum:

This is an excellent thyroid remedy. This medicine is mainly prescribed to those patients of hypothyroidism who do suffer from gastric troubles. There is excessive flatulence in one’s abdomen suffering from acidity and is worse after taking farinaceous food. One suffers from constipation with difficult, hard, incomplete stool. Craving is there for hot drinks and hot food and sweets. The person appears to be very weak with yellowish face and blue circles around the eyes. The medicine is useful for excessive hair falling and is well received by patients as homeopathy for hypothyroidism.

4. Graphites:

Graphites are made use of for those patients of hypothyroidism who are very obese and catch a cold easily. One suffers from constipation where the stool is hard and also passes with great difficulty in lumps that can be treated with this medicine. Such patients also do complain of fullness in the abdomen on account of obstruction of flatus and also the need to loosen up the clothing to get relief. Mentally the patient is very depressed, sad and also weeps easily on listening to music. Timidity and inability to take decisions may also be present.

5. Nux Vomica:

Nux Vomica is a good remedy for hypothyroidism, particularly for those who are extremely temperamental in nature and get also offended very easily; such people are very sensitive to all external impressions. This medicine does work very effectively for treating obstinate constipation in hypothyroid patients. The stool is usually scanty and unsatisfactory and the patient does feel a constant urge to pass stool but with little evacuation. Bloated feeling is there in one’s stomach after eating. There is an excessive desire for stimulants such as alcoholic drinks and coffee; fatty food and spicy food. The patient feels very chilly. This medicine is useful for a prolonged menses health issue and menstrual blood which is blackish and accompanied by fainting spells.


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