Homeopathy for Hormonal Imbalance

Homeopathy for Hormonal Imbalance

Homeopathy is a good treatment for hormonal imbalances and the affected person can expect good results. Homeopathy Treatment for Hormone Imbalance.

What is Hormonal Imbalance?

Hormones are important chemical messengers secreted in one’s endocrine glands namely thyroid gland, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, ovaries, and others. Too much or too little secretion of hormones is treated as Hormonal Imbalance. Hormones play a crucial role in one’s body; they circulate throughout and control major functions of one’s body which includes metabolism, reproduction, growth, and development. Any slight Imbalance in these hormones does adversely affect our mind and body. Hormonal Imbalance does lead to several health problems such as infertility, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and several others. Though hormonal Imbalance is seen in both men and women, it happens to be severe in women.
Best Homeopathic Treatment in Hyderabad is available for all.

Homeopathy for Hormonal ImbalanceHomeopathy Treatment for Hormonal Imbalance

Homeopathy does make use of natural remedies that are safe and free from side effects. These remedies go down to the roots of the problem and do correct them. Homeocare International has indeed helped several women suffering from Hormonal Imbalance. Passionate homeopaths at Homeocare International do prescribe homeopathy treatment based on the symptoms and severity of the condition and also based on the theory of individualization. These remedies do not just regularize hormone secretion but also eliminate the risk of several complications that are associated with this condition and does improve overall health as well as wellbeing. Best Homeopathic Treatment in Hyderabad for hormonal imbalance issue.

Homeopathy Treatment in homeopathy treatment is prescribed based on the symptoms and severity of the condition and also based on the theory of individualization.

What is Hormone Imbalance?

Hormones are chemical substances that are produced by glands that are secreted directly into the bloodstream. Via the bloodstream, the hormones are indeed carried to various organs of the body to regulate numerous bodily functions. The major hormones are thyroid hormones (produced by the thyroid gland), estrogen as well as progesterone (female hormones produced by ovaries) and testosterone (male hormone produced by testis).

Hormone imbalance in females

Hormonal imbalance in women can indeed lead to various conditions and syndromes. The main syndromes resulting from hormonal imbalance in women are PCOS, premenstrual syndrome as well as a menopausal syndrome. The major symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are mood swings, irritability, depression, headache, changes in bowel movement, abdominal bloating, breast tenderness, and acne. Menopause happens to be the permanent cessation of periods in women. Symptoms of menopausal syndrome include hot flushes, depression, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, osteoporosis (weak bones), weight gain (obesity), hair loss, low sex drive, vaginal dryness, excessive vaginal bleeding (flooding). Best Homeopathic Treatment in Hyderabad is very useful o cure hormonal imbalances.

Hormone imbalance in males

Hormone imbalance (mainly testosterone) in males results in major complaints of erectile dysfunction, infertility, low sex drive, breast development (gynecomastia), depression, loss of muscle strength, decreased bone density, falling of hair as well as lowered energy levels.

Hormone imbalance resulting from thyroid gland dysfunction

The thyroid gland does mainly control the metabolic functions of the body. Hormones produced by the thyroid gland are TSH, T3, and T4. Imbalance of these hormones does result in either of the two conditions – hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) or hyperthyroidism (hyperactive thyroid). Hypothyroidism mainly results in a slowing of all bodily metabolic functions. While in hyperthyroidism, the metabolic functions are accelerated. The symptoms of hypothyroidism are weight gain, chilly feeling, constipation, heavy periods among women, feeling of fatigue and slowness/sluggishness. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism do include heated feeling, weight loss, hand tremors, restlessness, irritable mood, tiredness, palpitations, shortness of breath, diarrhea, scanty periods in women and protruding eyeballs.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy happens to be a wonderful healing science that has the proven ability to treat numerous health conditions. Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance are indeed very reliable. They are procured from natural substances, thus ruling out the risk of adverse side-effects. The homeopathic system does follow a very gentle approach while dealing with cases of hormone imbalance. Homeopathic medicines moderate the hormonal levels in one’s blood by working on the root cause. They optimize the hormonal levels that are either on the higher or lower side in the most mild, effective as well as harmless manner.
Best Homeopathic Treatment in Hyderabad for hormonal imbalance is very beneficial.

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