Effective Homeopathic Treatment of Lipomas

Effective Homeopathic Treatment of Lipomas

The homeopathy clinic in Hyderabad is well-equipped to deliver excellent homeopathic treatment for lipomas. In terms of cure, homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad has a lot to offer.

Benign tumors of fat that are formed between one’s skin as well as underlying muscle are referred to as lipomas. These grow anywhere in one’s body where fat cells are present.  

Endoscopic procedures for the excision of tumors in one’s upper GI tract are made use of. Calcarea carb, sulfur, belladonna, and thuja have been administered in cases of lipomas. It does help in reducing the size as well as the growth of lipomas. It does help in preventing the progression of lipomas. Homeo clinic in Hyderabad does administer these medicines.

Lipoma is a round or oval-shaped fatty lump that grows beneath the skin as well as the underlying muscle layer. Lipomas are slow-growing harmless benign soft tissue tumors. They are indeed made of fat, and move easily, avoiding pain. Usually, lipomas do not require any treatment, but if they are bothering or even causing pain then Lipoma treatment may rather require.

Most common sites of Lipoma

Lipomas can grow anywhere in one’s body. Rarely, do lipomas grow on the muscles, internal organs, or even the brain.

Most lipomas do develop just under one’s skin on the – Arms or legs, back, neck, shoulders, trunk (chest and torso), and forehead.

Can a lipoma be cancerous? 

Lipomas are benign soft tissue tumors — Grow slowly and are not cancerous. 

Symptoms of lipoma

  • Usually painless
  • Can cause much discomfort, if they tend to press against a nerve or even develop near a joint
  • Self-limiting and also does not spread to one’s surrounding tissues
  • Movable, if a person tries to move them 
  • Smaller than 2 inches in diameter: In a few cases, lipomas can be larger than of course 6 inches wide

Causes of lipoma 

The causes of lipoma are not known, yet hereditary can be the reason in most cases. 

Some disease conditions can cause multiple lipomas to form in the body. Include–

  • Dercum’s disease: Rare disorder that causes painful lipomas to grow.
  • Gardner syndrome:  Gardner syndrome causes lipomas. 
  • Hereditary multiple lipomatosis: These are passed down via families.
  • Madelung’s disease: This is a rare condition of fat metabolism that occurs mostly in men who excessively drink alcohol, and grows around the neck as well as shoulders.

Risk factors

  • Genetics
  • High cholesterol 
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Liver diseases
  • Age between 40 to 60

Effective Homeopathic Treatment of LipomasDifferent ways of lipoma treatment

Most lipomas do not need treatment case of not cause a problem. If they are increasing in size or number, then treatment may be required:

  • Surgery – If the feeling is irritated with lipomas or the size happens to be very large, then the doctor can remove it surgically.
  • Liposuction – It happens to be another alternative for surgery to remove lipoma.
  • Steroid injections – Steroid injections can be made used directly on the lipoma. It can shrink the lipoma but is not a permanent solution.

Can Lipoma be treated without surgery?

Lipoma treatment without surgery can be done with the help of natural remedies such as Homeopathic Medicines. Lipoma treatment by homeopathy is possible with the help of homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic Treatment of Lipomas

Lipoma can be treated with homeopathic medicines. A few common homeopathic treatments that help cure lipoma are Calcarea Carb, Sulphur, and so forth.

Homeopathic medicine for lipomas is effective as there is no need for surgery in Lipoma cases. 

An experienced homeopathic doctor can rather provide lipoma treatment in homeopathy by selecting the right medicine for the patient.

The presence of multiple Lipomas is known as Lipomatosis. Homeopathic Medicines for lipomas are prepared of natural substances which are completely safe without any side effects and also do provide a very effective treatment for Lipomas.

Sulfur is extremely helpful in treating Lipomas. and Calcarea Carb is also a powerful medicine to treat Lipoma. But which medicine will suit which patient depends upon his or her constitution? 


Homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad is worth trying out.





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