Homeopathic Treatment for Lichen Amyloidosis

Homeopathic Treatment for Lichen Amyloidosis

Best homeopathy doctors can do wonders in treating for Lichen Amyloidosis and it is worth looking into homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad. The patient can expect good results.

Lichen Amyloidosis happens to be a chronic intensely itchy skin rash that is caused by the abnormal deposit of amyloids (proteins) in one’s skin. The lesions usually appear in the lower leg region, particularly over one’s shin; however, in a few cases, there can be lesions on one’s thighs, lower limbs, forearms, and back. It is more prominent in males than in those who happen to be around fifty to sixty years of age. 

A condition in which amyloid proteins build up on organs such as the heart, kidney as well as liver. Amyloid happens to be an abnormal protein, and its deposit on the organ can eventually damage them.

It is rare and requires lab tests or imaging. Treatments can help manage the condition, but no known cure. It can be lifelong and an abnormal protein known as amyloid is rather produced in the bone marrow.

It can get deposited on various organs such as one’s heart, kidney, liver, spleen, digestive tract, and nervous system. Specific causes do n depend on the type of amyloidosis.

Symptoms tend to show up at an advanced stage of the condition, much depending on the type of amyloidosis. Treatment is dependent upon the type of Amyloidosis.

Best homeopathy doctors can help out.


The exact etiological factor is of course not yet known for the development of lichen amyloidosis. However, genetic as well as environmental factors may be responsible for this skin condition. Excessive scratching as well as constant friction between the skin (Kobner’s phenomenon)n is usually known to cause lichen amyloidosis in patients. These factors do often damage the epidermis of one’s skin thus exposing the next layer referred to as the dermis. Extracellular protein deposits on one’s upper layer of the dermis referred to as papillary dermis doe cause papules as well as rashes. 

Homeopathic Treatment for Lichen Amyloidosis


Lichen amyloidosis is usually linked up with pruritus (severe itching) with hyperkeratotic hyper-pigmented crashes that are predominantly seen on one’s shin of the lower leg. 

Lesions do consist of scaly papules (multiple raised spots), which are mostly red or brown, and can merge to form plaques. 

The condition is mostly accompanied by other skin conditions such as Lichen Planus(Is cure of Lichen Planus possible with Homeopathy), atopic dermatitis, as well as fungal infections. 

In a few cases, there can indeed be bleeding involved due to excessive scratching of one’s, and lesions can be painful. 


Skin biopsy, as well as then histological investigation, is normally suggested when suspected with lichen Amyloidosis. 


The conventional treatment does consist of corticosteroid creams, dermabrasion and in severe cases excision of the individual lesion, however, recurrence is indeed common. Antihistamines do reduce the itching but of course, prolonged usage of such medicines is not recommended.

Homeopathy in Hyderabad is excellent for this health condition.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy has no doubt a good scope in treating Lichen amyloidosis. As the disease does tend to spread; the aim is no doubt to control further progress of the disease as well as pathology. Homeopathic medicines do aim at healing the patient from within by boosting as well as correcting the immunity. Treating the underlying cause is no doubt equally important.

Homeopathic medicines are powerful enough to control the inflammatory process and thus be able to reduce itching, burning, and any further spread of the lichen spots. Dependency or the need for conventional medicines that can be reduced. One needs to opt for homeopathy at the earliest for a speedy recovery. Lichen Amyloidosis happens to be a chronic disease and does take its own precious time for recovery; hence a long-term treatment is preferred for patients.


Homeopathy in Hyderabad can be considered as a treatment form for Amyloidosis.

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