Homeopathic Treatment and Cure for Lichen Planus

Homeopathic Treatment and Cure for Lichen Planus

Homeopathy in Hyderabad is beneficial for Lichen Planus. The best homeopathy doctor provides the best treatment for it. Patients can try it out.

A chronic inflammatory condition that affects the skin, nails, hair, and mucous membranes, and is characterized by purplish, itchy, flat bumps is known as Lichen Planus. Homeopathy in Hyderabad has excellent remedies for it.

The exact cause is not known. The condition can be autoimmune. 


Lesions can rather appear anywhere in the oral cavity- Buccal mucosa, lips, gums, the floor of the mouth, and palate. Lesions may appear as:

  • Red, swollen patches
  • Sores
  • White lacy patches
  • Peeling and blistering is sometimes seen

The lesions may cause:

  • Burning sensation or pain
  • Swelling in the gums
  • Irritation while brushing teeth
  • Pain that gets worse while eating spicy or sour food
  • Discomfort while swallowing, speaking, and chewing


Treatment helps to manage the symptoms but cannot be cured.


  • Corticosteroid creams : Reduces inflammation as well as redness. The cream is applied directly to the itchy spots.

 Clobetasol propionate

  • Immunosuppressants : Drugs that reduce immune response may be prescribed.



  • Avoid spicy foods and acidic-causing foods, such as citrus fruit juice, because they can irritate oral lichen planus.
  • Avoid sharp food, such as crusty bread.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, particularly spirits.
  • Avoid using mouthwashes that contain alcohol.
  • Keep the mouth as clean as possible.
  • Clean the teeth using a mild toothpaste that does not include sodium lauryl sulphate (a foaming agent).


It is not known what causes oral lichen planus. T lymphocytes, certain white blood cells are involved in inflammation that appears to be activated in oral lichen planus. Although it could indicate an immune disorder, more research is rather required to determine the exact cause.

It is possible that, in some people, oral Lichen Planus can be triggered by certain medications, mouth injury, infection, or even allergy-causing agents such as dental materials. However, these causes are not confirmed.

Homeopathic treatment for Lichen Planus

Homeopathic treatment is useful to help a person recover completely and also reverse any sort of damage. Patients can avail customized 

Homeopathic Treatment and Cure for Lichen Planus

Homeopathic medicines for Lichen Planus

Arsenicum album for too much itching.

In the skin, if there is a small purplish spot, then there are blisters after scratching.

Borax is useful – when blisters mostly appear in the mouth. It is suited for Oral Lichen Planus, with the unhealthiness of the skin.

Sulphur – Skin is dry, scaly, and unhealthy; every little injury suppurates.

Skin ailments are indeed associated with a lot of itching and burning that becomes worse on scratching and washing. Itching is more in the evening. Skin excoriations are, especially in the folds. Skin becomes dry and hard. Mentally suited to people who are nearly always irritated and depressed. They are indeed very forgetful. They are either too busy or are lazy and do not feel like doing any work. 

Apis – This is useful for. There is burning and swelling in the skin as well as prickly heat.

Rumex – Useful for red rashes, itching coming on when undressing.

Nat. Mur – Dry eruptions, especially on the margin of the hairy scalp as well as bending of joints. Itching skin, raw, red, and inflamed; worse, eating salt, at the seashore.

Thuja – Good for inveterate skin troubles as well as chronic stubborn skin conditions such as  Lichen Amyloidosis( Homeopathic Treatment for Lichen Amyloidosis), psoriasis, eczema, warts, pyoderma, etc. The patient tends to have unhealthy skin in general. These patients are better in dry weather and worse in a humid climates as well as damp conditions.

Arsenicum iodatum – This is useful for skin conditions such as lichen planus, eczema as well as psoriasis where there is marked itching as well as exfoliation of one’s skin. 

Ignatia- This treats itching, nettle-rash.


Homeopathy in Hyderabad does wonders for Lichen Planus.

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