Homeopathic Medicines in Cases of Urticaria

Effectiveness of Homeopathic Medicines in Cases of Urticaria

Urticaria a skin problem should not be neglected, and consulting experts does help. It ends up impairing the quality of life of the patient if left unrelated.

Urticaria happens to be a common skin condition that, though rarely fatal, can seriously impair a patient’s quality of life. Urticaria is due to cutaneous mast cell activation and degranulation disease that is triggered by numerous stimuli. The condition is referred to as chronic if persists for over 6 weeks.

Reaction in the skin causes leakage of capillaries in the dermis and also results in oedema which persists until the interstitial fluid is absorbed into the surrounding cells.

The skin lesions of Urticaria disease are caused by an inflammatory reaction in the skin, thus causing leakage of capillaries in the dermis, and also resulting in oedema that persists until the interstitial fluid is absorbed into the surrounding cell.  The skin lesions of Urticaria disease are caused by an inflammatory is.



  • Hives burning, stinging, and also itching.
  • Rosy red, sensitive sore skin, Stinging pains.
  • Urticaria like bee stings, or even stings from other insects, with intolerable itching at night, large urticaria.


  • Urticaria burning heat with formication, violent itching.
  • Angioneurotic oedema
  • Hives having rheumatism, after shellfish, with pinworms.
  • Itching raised, red blotches


  • Skin itches on being heated
  • Urticaria with rich food, with diarrhea.
  • Urticaria from delayed menses, also worse undressing
  • Urticaria in summer.


  • Thick hard honey-colored scabs
  • Urticaria, white with red areola, itching fearfully.
  • Itching of the skin feels sore when scratched.


  • Urticaria from getting wet with rheumatism
  • Urticaria during chills as well as fever
  • Red swollen intense itching.


  • Obstinate cases with constipation as well as an earthy complexion


  • Itching of skin all over one’s body, burning of skin as if on fire.
  • Burning swelling and also redness.


  • Urticaria red spots, brought on by exposure or sore stomach.
  • Nettle rash over the whole body with violent itching.


  • Skin symptoms alternate with asthma or even internal disorders.
  • Itching, burning, swelling edema.


  • Rash, erythema or urticaria, with troublesome itching, mainly between fingers. Irregularly rounded pimples that are lying close together, in a few places’ confluent, forming patches, between which skin was normal, giving a marbled appearance, lasted five days, turned brownish, and also desquamated slightly.      
  • Eruption thickest on body and extremities, extensor more covered than flexor surfaces. Eruptions begin on the face and arms, and last on the legs. Scarlet macular eruption.


  • Urticaria-erythema, intense itching, spirituous liquors, hot drinks, chill, warmth.


  • Chronic urticaria in children, hives with fever and constipation


  • Chronic urticaria with nettle rash on whole body with bad itching


  • Swelling of the whole body due to urticaria


  • The urticarial rash is attended by severe headache accompanied by redness of face touch, noise, and lying down.

As per experience after treating thousands of cases, homeopathy is highly effective in treating urticaria as:

  • Homeopathy does effective treatment in acute, chronic as well and recurrent urticaria by correcting the underlying disturbed immune system and thus treats the disease at a deep level.
  • Homeopathic treatment for urticaria does offer long-lasting relief rather than temporary relief.
  • Homeopathic treatment is completely safe, non-toxic, and also non-habit-forming.


Thus Hives can be in faced be treated effectively with natural homeopathic medicines. They are helpful in the treatment of Hives. It does treat the root cause behind it, and helps in excellent recovery. They aim to correct the hypersensitive nature of the immune system to certain allergens. The medicines do aid in clearing the acute outbreak of wheels and afterward, help in preventing its recurrence gradually over some time.

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