Homeopathic medicine, treatment, and remedies for Gerd

Homeopathic medicine, treatment, and remedies for Gerd

To treat Gerd it is good to treat with the help of the best homeopathy doctor in Hyderabad. Homeopathy hospitals in Telangana treat well and patients recover well.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) tends to develop when there happens to be a frequent backwash of the stomach acid into the esophagus. Acid reflux or heartburn does refer to the burning sensation felt behind the sternum (retrosternal burning) on account of the backflow of stomach acid into the food pipe. Homeopathy for acid reflux as well as GERD does help treat the condition and also manage the symptoms effectively. The best homeopathy doctor in Hyderabad can do wonders.

Homeopathic Medicines for Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and GERD

The conventional treatment for GERD does involve the use of antacids. Using antacids for an extended duration can indeed cause side effects such as gas, belching, constipation, diarrhea, as well as swelling of the hands, feet, as well as ankles. Antacids also do interfere with nutrient absorption. 

1. Robinia – For Acid Reflux and GERD

Robinia is a top-listed medicine for treating GERD. Robinia happens to be prepared from a plant named ‘yellow locust. It is meant for intense heartburn, constant sour belching, as well as sour vomiting that is caused on account of regurgitation of acid from one’s stomach. The symptoms of heartburn, as well as acidity, do tend to get worse at night time, on lying down and also causing sleeplessness. Homeopathy hospitals in Telangana can provide proper treatment of Gerd.

Using Robinia for GERD is for:

  • Intense heartburn
  • Sour belching as well as vomiting
  • Heartburn cum acidity worse at night

2. Iris Versicolor – For Sour, Bitter Belching

Iris Versicolor is useful for treating GERD. It is prepared from a plant commonly known as ‘blue flag.’ Sour, bitter belching is the key feature to make use of this medicine. Vomiting of sour bitter fluid that burns one’s throat, vomiting with weakness, a smarting, burning sensation in one’s throat, and heartburn are the key symptoms. 

3. Natrum Phos – For Heartburn as well as Difficulty Swallowing

Natrum Phos is beneficial medicine for GERD treatment. It is indeed quite beneficial when heartburn is attended to with difficulty in swallowing. 

4. Arsenic Album – For Burning Pain in Throat

Arsenic Album does happen to be a medicine for GERD that also is accompanied by burning pain in one’s throat. The burning does get worse upon swallowing. 

5. Calcarea Carb – For Sour Taste in Mouth

Calcarea Carb is good medicine for GERD where there is a sour taste in one’s mouth. 

6. Carbo Veg – For Bloating and Heartburn

Carbo Veg happens to be excellent medicine for GERD treatment. It is indeed useful when there is bloating along with heartburn.

7. Nux Vomica – For Acid Reflux with Cough

Nux Vomica is indeed a very effective medicine for GERD accompanied by a cough. Nux Vomica happens to be one of the best medicines for a gastric cough that does get worse at night time and also prevents sleep. Vomiting occurs due to coughing. 

8. Phosphorus – For Acid Reflux with Laryngitis (Hoarse Voice)

Phosphorus is medicine for GERD where there is hoarseness of voice. The hoarseness may indeed be worse during the evening. A hard, dry, racking cough can occur. Gastric symptoms such as heartburn, sour belching, as well as a sour taste in one’s mouth, vomiting of food, or sour, acidic liquid can be present.

9. Pulsatilla Nigricans – For Acid Reflux from Fatty Food

Pulsatilla Nigricans is prepared from a plant referred to as ‘windflower.’ Greasy, fatty food such as creams, pastries, as well as ice creams does trigger acid reflux. The symptoms are belching of food, bitter taste in the mouth, nausea as a feeling of a lump in one’s throat may be present.

10. Sulphuric Acid – For Acid Reflux with Sour Belching

Sulphuric Acid happens to be a medicine for GERD where intensely sour belching is rather present. Heartburn, sour vomiting, as well as nausea, are other symptoms. 

The best homeopathy doctor in Hyderabad can treat well as he or she is well experienced to do so.

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