Health benefits of Premature Ejaculation

Health benefits of Premature Ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation?

Ejaculation happens to be the release of semen from the penis during an orgasm. When ejaculation does occur faster than one or one’s partner would like, it is referred to as premature ejaculation (PE).

Is premature ejaculation a type of sexual dysfunction?

PE is indeed considered a type of sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction indicates any sort of types of problems that keep a couple from fully enjoying sexual activity.

PE is not the same as erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is the inability to achieve as well as maintain an erection that does allow for a satisfying sexual experience.

What causes premature ejaculation?

There are rather psychological or emotional components to PE, but there are also other factors that do contribute to it.

Some psychological components may be temporary. For example, a the person may have experienced PE during early sexual experiences, but as one grows older and has more sexual encounters, they tend to learn strategies to help delay ejaculation.

PE may become an issue as a person rather gets older and has more trouble maintaining an erection.

PE may be caused by underlying conditions or mental health concerns too, including:

• poor body image or poor self-esteem
• depression
• history of rather sexual abuse, either as the perpetrator or as the victim or survivor

Guilt can also cause one to rush through sexual encounters, which can lead to PE.

Other issues:

• worrying about ejaculating too early
• anxiety about a limited sexual experience
• problems or dissatisfaction in your current relationship
• stress

Physical causes can also affect PE. If one has difficulty in maintaining an erection because of ED, one may rush through intercourse so that one completes it before losing the erection.

Abnormal levels of hormones, such as testosterone, or chemicals produced by nerve cells referred to as neurotransmitters may contribute to PE. Inflammation of the prostate or urethra can also cause numerous symptoms, including PE and ED.

Health benefits of Premature EjaculationHealth Benefit of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) has never been considered to be much of a health problem — in fact, it used to be something that one strived for. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, ejaculator indeed would have been considered the superior male because he could rather fertilize a woman more quickly. That, in fact, allowed him to have sex with more women and father more children, winning the “sperm wars” and also earning his place at the head of his tribe.

It also, in fact, helped his family thrive. Cavemen and women were not exactly preferring a honeymoon suite to have intercourse: most sex was rather outdoors, where animal predators could indeed easily devour the couple. indeed added risk which contributed to anxiety, causing the man to ejaculate even earlier. Yet men who finished faster were rather valued because shorter sex meant reduced exposure to danger. In primitive times, there was also the possibility of little to no awareness of the female orgasm, so coming quickly probably was not in fact considered a problem for either party. One has heard the phrase “survival of the fittest,” but in sexual terms, it was being survival of the quickest.

This trait, some experts do believe, was indeed passed down from generation to generation, thus making what we now call PE an evolutionary benefit (although most of us would, in fact, view it as an evolutionary drawback.) But today’s premature ejaculators also do appear to have inherited our forefathers’ sensitivity to environmental stressors, like loud noises. In this case, though, the culprit is more likely to be a honking horn than a growling saber-toothed tiger. For some new fathers, just hearing their baby cry from the other room when they are having sex almost always triggers ejaculation.

These days, our knowledge of female sexual pleasure — and our ability to couple safely as well does means that PE is less of an evolutionary benefit than a flaw.

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