Gallstones Cured By Homeopathy Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Gallstones Cured By Homeopathy Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Homeopathy treatment for gall stone is worth considering for relief from this health issue. Several people opt for homeopathy as they feel there are no side-effects.

Cholelithiasis or Gall bladder Stones happens to be a common condition and many people affected is no doubt on the increase attributed to a sedentary lifestyle and increased intake of processed food. In North America, Europe, and Australia and India there has been an increase in cases over the past few years.

While most people suffering from Gall stone do asymptomatic but in few, it can lead to inflammation of gall bladder (Cholecystitis), Obstructive Jaundice and rarely Carcinoma.

Homeopathic Treatment:

Anatomy of Gall Bladder: Gall’s bladder happens to be a small pear-shaped organ that happens to be lying in a fossa on the inferior surface of the right lobe of the liver and acts as a reservoir for bile juice (secreted by the liver to help digest fats). Homeopathy treatment for gall stone is very beneficial.

Gallstones Cured By Homeopathy Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Functions of Gall bladder:

  •  Storage of bile
  • Absorption of water as well as a concentration of bile
  • The normal gall bladder also absorbs a small quantity of loose bile salt which is a cholesterol compound
  • It also does help to regulate pressure in the biliary system by appropriate contraction or dilatation so that the normal Cholecoduodenal mechanism is maintained

Gall stones:

Gall stone formation is indeed the most common disorder of the biliary tract and it is unusual for gall bladder to be diseased in the absence of gall stones.

Pathology of gall stones: Gall stones are formed when the functioning of the gall bladder is altered. It does result in impairment of water absorption and increased concentration of bile juice. When the concentration does increase the salts such as Calcium and Cholesterol bilirubin ate, carbonates and phosphates precipitate in the bile leading to stone formation. Gall bladder stone treatment in homeopathy is very dependable. 

These stones can be classified into three categories:

· Cholesterol stones: Cholesterol is the main component of these stones. They are also referred to as lithogenic stones. Cholesterol is held in bile solution as its association with bile acids and phospholipids happens to be in the form of micelles as well as vesicles but if there is too much cholesterol or bile stands still for a long time then it may sediment down and form stones. Homeopathy treatment for gall stone can be relied upon.

· Risk factors for this type of stones does include Old Age, Female gender, Pregnancy, Obesity, Rapid weight loss, fasting, nutrition, spinal cord injury.

· Pigment stones: These tend to occur when there is an increased amount of bile pigments. There may be of two types Black pigmented stones due to polymerized Calcium bilirubin ate, Calcium phosphates and Calcium Carbonates and Brown pigmented stones which are due to Calcium bilirubin ate crystals. The risk factors do include age, hemolysis, liver cirrhosis, ileal resection, infections and stasis of bile.

· Mixed stones

What happens if you leave gallstones untreated?

Signs and Symptoms:

Gall stones are rather asymptomatic in the majority and discovered accidentally during routine ultrasound scanning but few may be rather symptomatic. The symptoms are usually due to inflammation of gall bladder (Cholecystitis) or the gall stone obstructing the bile tract.

The common symptoms are:

  • Pain in the epigastric region or right upper quadrant abdomen which does radiate to the interscapular region or tip of the right scapula (the shoulder bone). The pain may rather mimic oesophagitis, myocardial infarction or dissecting aneurysm.
  • Dyspepsia or indigestion with nausea accompanied by vomiting
  • Flatulence (gas) or bloating of stomach
  • Intolerance to fatty food
  • In the case of obstruction of the bile duct due to stone(Mirizzi syndrome), it may lead to Obstructive jaundice
  • Presence of stone may lead to Chronic inflammation of Gall bladder (Chronic Cholecystitis)

Homeopathic approach to Cholelithiasis:

Cholecystectomy i.e. removal of the gall bladder is indeed recommended by conventional treatment for gall stones but the removal of gall bladder does weaken the digestion resulting in discomfort after eating fatty as well as fried foods and does increase the cholesterol levels. Homeopathy can rather treat the Man and not the disease. Medications are usually selected on careful individualization which is based on a person’s mental, physical, social and emotional symptoms. 


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