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Homeopathy system of medicine with natural principle and 3centuries old in that unique mental and physical traits and symptoms of an individual are taken into account to treat the illness.

Homeopathic remedies help in faster and safer recovery from diseases than any other system of medicine by stimulating the vital force of the body and removing the root cause of the illness and helping the body to return to its healthy state. It ensures complete and permanent cure of an individual. Homeopaths choose a remedy that matches the physical and mental symptoms of an individual for a particular disease. Medicines are different for every individual for the same disease condition. There is a growing demand for Homeopathy in India and abroad and with a largest available pool of talented Homeopaths in India


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The founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), MD was a German scientist. He developed Homeopathy a system of natural medicine at the end of the 18th century. He is called the Father of Experimental Pharmacology because he was the first physician to prepare medicines in a specialized way.


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Homeopathy should be first choice for health care because it acts quickly without causing any side effects. The homeopathic system which is proved on human beings is very effective in both acute and chronic conditions. It heals the problem from the root and establishes harmony in health. Besides healing the person, it improves the general resistance and avoids frequent visits to physicians for different problems. Homeopathic pills are sweet and every one especially kids love to eat. Homeopathic treatment can be started depending on signs and symptom without waiting for the diagnosing test results thereby avoiding the deterioration of health and preventing further complications. Homeopathic remedies offer long lasting health.


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Homeopathy works very closely with mind and body, The Homeopathic remedies are chosen in such a manner that each and every aspect of an individual’s character is taken care. Every individual’s character, stress levels, lifestyle, activities, thirst and even sleep and dreams are taken into consideration.

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All over the world, there is a renewed demand for homeopathic doctors as there is growing awareness about homeopathy. It is not easy to find best possible homeopath or homeopathic doctor in one’s area, as homeopathic doctors all over the places are not equally trained. The Internet throws a large number of homeopathic doctors across the screen; however, it is not very easy to identify one who is suitable for your needs, for your ailment.

It is important for your homeopathic doctor to offer you a professional Patient Support System for easy communication. Interestingly, at Ankireddy’s Clinic, Dr. Murali Ankireddy (M.D.Homeo (Noida Delhi), B.H.M.S, P.G, A.M.S, M.S. (PSYC & COUN), P.G.HOMEO, U.K. (LONDON UNIVERSITY)) have exclusive Patient Support System, allowing patients from all over the world to remain connected to us throughout life.


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Homeopathy has no bar for age and sex; it is equally effective for every human being in every stage of their life from birth till death.


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Yes. It is very essential to diagnose a disease, but for the selection of the remedy we require to know the characteristic symptoms of the patient and not the disease symptoms. To differentiate the disease symptoms with the individual characteristic symptoms good knowledge of disease is important. The pathological investigations are also important to judge the improvement, know disease diagnosis and the prognosis

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Usually not. The duration of the treatment depends upon the nature of the disease and the fighting capacity of the patient’s body. The treatment is required for a certain time period so as to improve the resistance of the body to fight diseases. Once the patient starts improving we stop the medicines and the natural immunity and control mechanism of the body will take care of the rest of the problems.


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Welcome to Ankireddy’s Clinic, the top leading and the pioneers in specialty Homeopathy treatments. We have developed our brand over the last 25 years to represent, painless, gentle and permanent cure. All our doctors are handpicked, trained exclusively according to our treatment procedures and are capable of handling the most complicated diseases with the highest success rate in curing them permanently.

Visit our clinic and consult our doctor’s ones before you start your treatment and you will know why our patients rank us as the best among all Homeopathic clinics. 90% of Dr. Ankireddy’s patients claim that this was their first choice of treatment. They find Dr. Ankireddy’s reputed and trustworthy.

As an award winning clinic, we are proud of our legacy of offering homeopathy treatment that works, quickly and gently. . We are already the fastest growing healthcare start-up in Homeopathic Science today.


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We appreciate and thank you for giving us a chance to show you the positive results of Homeopathy. You can visit Ankireddy’s Clinic to meet our experts on any day even Sunday also. The first consultation usually takes an half an hour to hour. During this consultation, we try to understand the exact problem you are facing and analyse what is the cause and understand your likings, dislikes, mental attitude, habits & basic nature. Knowing the above attributes help us deliver to you our promise of giving you assured results.


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