Empathy is the most important factor and identified as a form of emotional benefit to the patient. once we think we understand the patient we perceive less need to ask, listen and learn. The process of caring in place of empathy. Empathy is an ideal emotional and behavioral approach towards the patients. The expression of caring in our clinic with at most observation, precise listening and responsive questioning and the actions directly addressing to the patients and family members.

Caring is sustained emotional investment in individuals well being, desire to talk actions that will benefit the person.


We care about the emotions of the patients and care for the patients and family members’ views in our clinic. First by making himself feel comfortable and then ask patients suitable and situational questions and then listen in a manner of unselfconscious and non-judgmental must homeopathic classic eternal approach.

We serve our patients with at most respect and care. we take care of the patient until the patients feel comfortable and provide a healthy way of approach towards his/her health issue and make the patient get rid of his health issue .safe economical non-side effects. Holistic approach and we intimate the patient they’re following up with SMS and phone call. Our consultation includes diet , physical exercise etc..and also provides treatment for any epidermic diseases and preventive cure.

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Respected sir/madam, Hoping everyone fine. SNEHA HOMEOPATHY CLINIC extends service through direct consultation with Doctor

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