Homeopathy for Fears and Phobias

Effective Homeopathy for Fears and Phobias

Phobias are rather persistent fears which are indeed very irrational. It can be about any object living, non-living or of a situation. It may or may not have any relation to any particular situation in one’s life. Usually, phobias are indeed accompanied by a strong desire to avoid any given particular situation or object that one fears. It can also lead to an inability to function normally at any job, home or at social settings.

What is a phobia you may ask?

Any specific phobia is considered to an intense fear of something that does pose little or no actual danger. Grown-up individuals do no doubt suffer from it, even though they tend to realize that it is an irrational fear and try to avoid the fear factor. Whenever these individuals encounter this phobic stimulant, they do get a severe anxiety attack.

Phobias can be broadly divided into three types: simple, social and agoraphobia (fear of public places).

Simple phobias: These phobias do include a fear of: heights (acrophobia); enclosed spaces (claustrophobia); flying (pterygophobia); water (hydrophobia); dentists (odontiatophobia); tunnels; bridges; animals -lizards, snakes, rats etc.

Fear of public places (agoraphobia) is the fear of the being alone in a place such as a mall or even in an elevator or a room full of people and one cannot escape from it. This usually develops from an anticipatory fear of getting an acute anxiety attack (panic attacks) in a public place and generally occurs in patients who suffer from panic attacks or acute anxiety disorder.

Social phobia: It is a feeling of strong fear that involves the fear of social situations or gatherings, etc. Social phobia involves a combination of being too much conscious of self, a fear of public scrutiny or humiliation in social situations, and a fear of negative evaluation by others.

Homeopathy and phobias

Homeopathic medicines are an effective form of treatment for phobias and fears be it of lizards, heights, cockroaches spider, snakes, cockroaches, mouse, etc. The medication can help treat specific phobia.

Even phobias which are a part of other diseases such as chronic depressions, etc. do require necessary evaluation and needs to be treated accordingly.


This is indeed a very common form of relaxation therapy which is in the form of progressive muscle relaxation (learning to relax one’s muscles) and autogenic relaxation (using imagery to help one relax). Meditation such as yoga can also be of great help.

Homeopathy for Fears and PhobiasDesensitising your fear

This therapy helps in altering one’s response to the feared object or situation. Measured, gradual as well as repeated exposure to the cause of the phobia may be able to assist one to learn to conquer one’s fear.

Behavior therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy does aim at altering one’s belief about the feared object or even situation, the impact it has on one’s life and also how one can view and also cope up with the feared object or a different situation.


Lycopodium is useful for anticipation anxiety, stage fright and a lack of self-confidence. This helps one to relax. One suffers from over talking and goes on the binge for sweets on account of being anxious about something.

Aconite napellus

Aconite is beneficial for excessive fear or outright panic, particularly, if one is in a crowded place. Symptoms that one experiences are agitation, restlessness as well as fearfulness. One may think one is about to die and even may predict death. Other symptoms that one experiences are dry skin and mouth; thirst as well as a pounding heart.

Argentum Nitricum

This remedy can be used for all types of fears and anxieties that occur due to an over-active imagination. Stage fright, claustrophobia, and anxiety on account of unexpected situations can be treated by this remedy. One suffers from a superstition that something bad is going to happen. It is useful for reckless behavior and dangerous impulses, such as jumping from a high-level window. Anxiety induced sweats or palpitations can be cured by this medication and is also useful in treating digestive complaints such as diarrhea, flatulence, and vomiting which are brought on by nervous excitement.

Arsenicum Album

This remedy is also ideal in case a one is deeply anxious about one’s health and is extremely concerned with order and security. A person gets obsessive about small details and also gets desperate to control situations.

Bush Flower Essences: Calm & Clear

Calms one’s mind and makes a person less irritable.
Homeopathy does help in controlling anxiety that occurs due to phobias and fears. It is a safe method of treatment.

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