We don’t claim cure any diseases by which modern medicine fraternity claiming incurable on the basis of the technology and scientific facts. In this website what drugs of metira medica mentioned the content what substitute for personal and professional diagnostic and medical, in this website the homeopathy medicines in the articles whose services here Dr. Ankireddy.com should be consulted with the qualified register medical practioner advices or health care provider.

Testimonial disclaimer: The homeopathy approach treating the patient refers for conventional medicine, the result may vary from person to person, the Testimonials not claimed to follow the same cure or relief with typical results. This Testimonials results with our team on written verbal given at our clinic treated with the homeopathic medicines at DrAnkireddy Clinic within the limits of homeopathic system of medicines.

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Respected sir/madam, Hoping everyone fine. SNEHA HOMEOPATHY CLINIC extends service through direct consultation with Doctor

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