Urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that affects any part of the urinary tract, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder or urethra.

The urinary system mainly consists of three components.


They filter the blood and produce urine.

Urinary tract:

The urine made of kidneys is stored before it is excreted.


The urine is excreted out of it. The urinary tract infection is called ‘sistetis’.

Urinary tract infections are caused by microbes such as bacteria overcoming the body’s defenses in the urinary tract. They can affect the kidneys, bladder, and the tubes that run between them.

Urinary Tract Infection can affect anyone, women are more prone to infection. This is because the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the bladder, is shorter in women than men. This makes it easier for bacteria to enter and reach the bladder. In fact, nearly half of all women will experience a UTI at some point in their lives.

Women are more easily susceptible to this disorder. In women, the urine length is very low. The urine in females is very close to the feces. For these reasons, these – cholesterol in the urethra often lead to sistetis.


The vast majority of urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli (E. coli), usually found in the digestive system.

• poor personal hygiene
• kidney stone, suppressed immune system
• heavy use of antibiotics, which can disrupt the natural flora of the bowel and urinary tract
• Diabetes, bowel incontinence
• blocked flow of urine


The symptoms of a UTI can depend on age, gender, the presence of a catheter, and what part of the urinary tract has been infected

• Strong and frequent urge to urinate
• Cloudy, bloody, or strong-smelling urine
• Pain or a burning sensation when urinating
• Nausea And Vomiting
• Muscle aches and abdominal pains
• A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying

Homeopathy Treatment:

  • Each patient is individually evaluated in homeopathy.
  • Homeopathy medicines. Homeopathic remedies are extremely fast-acting, easy to use for all ages, inexpensive.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Urinary Tract Infection provides complete holistic well-being to the patient by boosting the immune system and assisting recovery in the safest and most natural way.
  • These Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s self-healing process to fight the infection.
  • The homeopathy medicines for Urinary Tract Infection are Ailanthus Nux vomica, Apis mellifica, Belladonna, Lycopodium,

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