Sinus infections are caused by infections from a pathogenic microorganism (virus, bacterium or fungus), which develops in a sinus and causes intermittent blockage of the sinus osmium.

Most people do not transmit sinus infections; Most clinicians agree that, except in rare cases, sinus infections are not contagious, but mainly come from viruses and bacteria that accidentally contaminate a person whose sinuses support their proliferation due to minor anomalies and Rarely major in the sinus tissue of the person (e.g. inflammation, swelling, abnormal production of mucus and rare, facial or nasal trauma).

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the cavities of the air in the passages of the nose. Sinusitis can be caused by an infection, but can also be caused by allergies and chemical or particle irritation of the sinuses.

Sneha Homeopathy has many years of experience in treating Sinusitis successfully. Treatment of Sinusitis with homeopathic medicines has a very important advantage over any other form of treatment.


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