What is Plantar Fasciitis?

It is a common cause for heel pain or pain at the bottom of the heel. Your foot has a thick, fibrous band of Tissues or ligaments where it runs from heel to toes of the foot. these tissues/ligaments support the muscles and arch of the foot.

When these ligaments are stretched overly tear may occur cause inflammation and irritation and thus pain occurs in the heel.
Approximately 2 million patients are treated for this condition every year. Many doctors thought this pain is caused by bony growth called heel spur but later they realized that this heel spur is the end result of the plantar fasciitis it is most common in women than men.

Cause of Plantar Fasciitis :

Plantar fasciitis is designed to absorb the high stress and strain we place on our feet. But sometimes too much pressure may damage or tear the ligaments.

Some causes for plantar fasciitis are:

 Overweight.
 Standing on feet for several hours a day(running/Sports).
 Work-out shoes c thin soles.
 Flat feet c very high arch
 High- heeled shoes.
 Unusual walk
 Foot position
 Tighter colt muscles make different to flex your foot and bring your toes up to words your shin.

Body’s natural response to injury is inflammation which leads to heel pain or stiffness of plantar fasciitis.

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis :

 Pain in bottom of the foot at the heel bone
 Pain with first few steps getting out of bed in the morning.
 Pain reduces after a few minutes of walking.
 Pain is severe after doing exercise.

Examination/ Diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis :

First, we should observe:

 High arch
 Exact tenderness on the foot
 Pain gets worse when you flex foot or pushes the plantar fasciitis.
 In rare cases, there is a need for
 An X-ray

Management :

In some case, rest may be sufficient for the recovery of the patient.
– In some cases, exercises are needed.

Plantar FasciitisHomeopathic Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis :

Excellent remedies are present in homeopathy to treat plantar fasciitis.

 Rhustox
 Beri.beries Vulgaris
 Bryonia
 Pulsatilla
 Arnica moment
 Calcarea.phos
 Silicea
 Ammonium Muraticum

Rhustox :

 Tearing pains in the tendons, ligaments, and fascia.
 Limbs stiff paralyzed
 Numbness and formication after overwork and exposure.
 Paralysis, trembling after exertion
 Loss of power in fingers
 Crawling sensation in tips of fingers
 Tingling in feet

Better by motion

Berberis vulgaris :

 Rheumatic paralytic pain in shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, legs, and feet.
 Heel pain as it is ulcerated.
 Stitching between metatarsal bones as from a nail when standing.
 Pain in balls of feet on stepping
 Intense lameness of legs after walking a short distance.

Bryonia :

 Stiffness & painful, hot swelling of feet
 Every spot is painful on pressure
 The constant motion of leg relieve the pain
 Worse on least movement.

Pulsatilla :

 Pain in limbs, shifting rapidly, tensive pain, letting up with a snap.
 Boring pain in heels towards evening.
 Feet red inflamed, swollen.
 Legs feet heavy and weary.

Arnica :

 Pain in back limbs as it bruised or beaten
 Sprained & dislocated feeling
 Soreness after direction.
 Everything on which he lies seems too hard
 Cannot walk exactly.
 Rheumatism begins low down & works up.

Calc.phos :

 Stiffness & pain, numbness feeling
 Worse by any slight change of weather
 Crawling & coldness
 Weary when going upstairs

Silicia :

 Pain through hips, legs & feet.
 Cromps insoles & calves.
 Pain beneath toes.
 Soreness in feet from instep through the sole.

Amm.mor :

 Shooting & tearing in tips of toes & fingers.
 Ulcerative pain in heels.
 Contraction of hamstring tendons.

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