In today’s fast and stressful lifestyle, irregular eating habits and odd sleeping hours causes many health disorders. In that series “piles” is one of the frequent problems occurring now days. They cause problem equally in men and women between 30-5oyrs of age.

“Piles” are enlarged view in the rectum and anus, usually caused by untreated constipation.

Causative factors:

A number of factors may lead to formation of Hemorrhoids, they are

  • Irregular bowel habits, like constipation & diarrhea.
  • Prolonged straining during defaecation.
  • During pregnancy and after child birth.
  • Obesity, Anal infections, sitting for long period of time.


basing on position they are 2 types.

  1. External piles.
  2. Internal piles.
  3. External piles: these are varicosities of views draining the territory of branches of inferior rectal arteries.
  4. These are painful with swelling, irritation
  5. and itching

Based on degree of prolepses, inertial hemorrhoids are graded as below:

Grade-1: no prolapsed

Grade-2: prolepses upon defecation but spontaneously reduce

Grade 3: prolepses upon defecation and must be manually reduced.

Grade 4: prolapsed and cannot manually reduce.


  • External hemorrhoids are present with Itching ,rectal pain, bleeding and mucous discharge
  • Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless unless they become thromboses or necrotic. The common symptom of internal hemorrhoids is bright red blood covering stool blood in toilet bowl.
  • Constipation, hard tender lumps near the am
  • Anal pain especially while sitting.

Investigation: 1) proctoscopy 2) sigmoidoscopy


  • Keep stool soft so they pass without straining
  • Regular exercise, sits bath, fluid intake

 Homeopathic treatment:

In homeopathy we have good remedies especially for piles. Homeopathy medicines correct this problem at every stage. constitutional and miasmatic treatment advisable. Drugs like nit, acid, Asculum, Retains etc. with help to treat this disease. But experienced Homeopathic doctor can cure this disease permanently.


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