Menopause and Homeopathy-How to cope with hot flushes?

Menopause is part of one’s life and every woman goes through it. Similar to puberty, it is the end of menstrual periods. Several changes take place in one’s body.


• Hot flashes
• Sleep problems.
• Periodic increase in one’s body temperature.
• Sweating.
• Increase in heart rate.

Homeopathic treatment


When a person experience flushes of heat primarily on falling asleep, through the night, or even on waking they can opt for Lachesis. It helps in intense hot flashes where there is a lot of perspiration.


The woman who needs Sulphur faces a lot of warmth and worse than heat. The hot flashes tend to go up one’s body, rising up to the face level and head, which may often feel hot. They may also often experience feeling too hot at night in sleep, especially the feet which they do desire to uncover (although cold feet may also occur). Other general Sulphur symptoms do include craving for sweets, hunger in the late morning (around 11:00 AM), loose stools (often occurring in the early morning hours), as well as an energy dip around 2 pm and experiencing a fear of heights.


A person who makes use of Sepai when she has hot flashes that are accompanied by weakness, plenty of sweating and with the feeling of heat that usually ascending upwards. Sepia patients are better from hard workouts or exertion and can also be emotionally sensitive and a bit nervous by nature. They are indeed very chilly and can experience an energy dip (or feel worse) from 3-5pm. They also tend to be worshippers of the sun, thus enjoying the heat of the sun for very long periods of time. The heat of the sun is essential for Sepia to be useful.


This remedy does benefit a menopausal woman who is very sensitive, down, blue as well as weepy. She does feel better from reassurance. The hot flashes are worse in a warm room and better outside in cold or fresh air. Patients feel hot (like Sulphur, might want to uncover their feet at night), do not feel thirsty, energy levels are low around 1 pm, and suffer from difficult periods or PMS.


A woman who needs homeopathic remedy often has hot flushes that are sudden, violent, and with blood flowing upwards to the head. Palpitations in one’s chest are also common, as well as hurting headaches rising up from one’s neck, with a throbbing sensation and sense of expansion as if one’s head was about to burst.


A person who requires homeopathic remedy often does experience the heat that is burning in nature and also tends to rise to one’s face and head. One suffers from a headache that often occurs with the heat flush. With a headache, the pain may begin in the back of the head and spread over the head, settling over the right eye, in some cases with nausea as well as vomiting symptoms. The person who requires this medication will also be facing sensitivity to noise and light.


Women do have a difficult time during menopause and they can rely upon homeopathic remedies to treat themselves with any discomforting symptoms they may experience during that time.

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