Eyes are important organs for anybody and one would get worried if anything happens to them. It is essential to take good care of them and consult a doctor whenever required to preserve one’s eyes.

The first indication of an eye disorder which involves blurred vision or not being able to see properly could mean you are suffering from Glaucoma. It is a serious eye disorder.


• raised intraocular pressure
• optic nerve damage
• the build-up of pressure inside the eyes that can cause damage to the optic nerve, which does transmit images to the brain.


  • raised intraocular pressure
  • an imbalance between the production as well as drainage of the aqueous humor or eye fluid.
  • the eye fluid or aqueous humor is not circulating normally in the front portion of the eye.

Homeopathic treatment for Glaucoma

Phosphorus: This is useful for optic nerve damage. The main symptom for using this remedy is tiredness of eyes most of the time. The eyes appear very tired even when they are not made use of for work. One experiences exhaustion of eyes. There is fatigue of eyes and the vision is blurred. Phosphorus improves the eyesight as well as the fatigue of eyes.

Comocladia: This is for fullness sensation in eyes. The fullness is usually accompanied by pain in one’s eyes. The eyes do feel much enlarged. The eye pain does get worse by the warmth and a person experiences relief in pain as well as eye fullness in the open air.

Belladonna: This is beneficial for Glaucoma with acute symptoms. The main symptoms involve a sudden increase in the dimness of vision. The eyes do appear red. This is also accompanied by a severe pain in one’s eyes as well as a head. The pain is very violent in character. Nausea and vomiting do also occur.

Osmium: This is good for dim vision. This improves dim vision. The intraocular pressure is indeed raised in persons who require Osmium.

Physostigma: This is useful for treatment for Glaucoma following an injury. The symptoms can be varied such as dim vision, blurring of vision or partial blindness. Along with dim vision, the patient may suffer from pain in one’s eyes. The pain gets worse after one uses the eyes.

Prunus Spinosa: This is for sudden pain in the right eye of Glaucoma patient and is good for treating of sudden pain in one’s right eye as a result of Glaucoma. Prunus Spinosa usually works for the right eye pain. Pain in the eye is so acute and violent that it does result in a bursting sensation in the eyeball.

Cedron: This is made use of severe pain in the left eye of the Glaucoma patient. As compared to Prunus Spinosa, the action of natural homeopathic medicine Cedron is indeed centered on the left eye of a Glaucoma patient. Cedron is useful for severe, violent pain in one’s eye, especially left eye. The onset of pain may indicate its occurrence. The pain may further show radiation to the nose.

One indeed must take required precautions to ensure that their eyes function properly. After all, not being able to see properly can be very distressing.

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