What is Gangrene?

Necrosis or the death of body tissue is referred to as Gangrene.


  • Lack of proper blood supply as well as infection is the major cause for gangrene.
  • Health conditions that affect blood circulation can predispose a person to gangrene.
  • The primary causes for gangrene are smoking, severe injuries diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, frostbite, peripheral arterial disease, and Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Gangrene normally appears in the legs and feet.

Types of Gangrene

  • dry gangrene
  • wet gangrene
  • gas gangrene.

In dry gangrene, the skin shrivels and dries up, and also becomes brown, blue or black. Persons having atherosclerosis as well as peripheral artery disease are predisposed to dry gangrene.


 In wet gangrene, the affected body tissue is swollen, soft, emits a foul odor, and has blisters. Severe burns frostbite, and injuries are predisposing factors for wet gangrene.

As far as gangrene, the bacterial infection forms gas within the affected tissue. The most common bacteria leading to gas gangrene is Clostridium Perfringens.

Wet as well as gas gangrene have a poor prognosis as compared to dry gangrene. Homeopathy can indeed treat gangrene. Although the body tissues that have died cannot be actually revived, homeopathic treatment for gangrene can rather stop its progression.


Secale Cor – Secale Cor is useful for dry gangrene. The main symptoms for no doubt choosing Secale Cor as a treatment is dry, shriveled skin with a bluish appearance. The affected area is usually numb. If touched, it does feel icy cold.

Arsenic Album 

Arsenic Album is good for dry gangrene. It is effective when there is a burning feeling in the affected area. The skin appears to be dry, dirty, blackish blue and shriveled, as a result of occluded blood supply


Anthracinum is very beneficial for gangrene. For choosing Anthracinum, the symptoms do look out for or blackish blue blisters with foul secretions. These secretions are very offensive indeed. Along with these symptoms, there is an extreme burning in the affected area. There is  indeed sloughing of the skin, which is referred to as gangrene ulcers.


This is useful whereby gangrene does arise on account of an injury. Treatment with Calendula should be done as soon as possible after one suffers from an injury to prevent gangrene. Calendula is no doubt a good healing agent and ensures healthy granulation of the wounded skin. Using Calendula at nick of time does prevent pus formation and further superadded skin infection over the injured area that can be avoided, thus reducing the chances of putrification of the skin. Calendula does work well in cases of old and neglected wounds that may get infected with gangrene.


Silicea is often made use of homeopathic medicine for gangrene with blisters and pus. Silicea  does  work well for cases where pus discharge occurs. It should also be employed early on because of its ability to control the suppurative process. It is indeed a very effective homeopathic remedy for skin complaints with pus discharge and foul odor. In gangrene, Silicea gives promising results in cases where blisters and pus discharge do dominate.

 Carbo Veg 

Carbo Veg is useful for senile gangrene of one’s toes. It is useful for aged people who suffer from insufficient blood supply on account of occlusion of arteries. One needs to treat for senile gangrene with Carbo Veg when one suffers from cold, bluish skin. In certain cases, a putrid odor from the gangrenous area does arise. The affected person does feel weak and lethargic and also feels better in cold air.


Lachesis is indeed an effective homeopathic medicine for gangrene when it occurs in a malignant, septic as well as gangrenous state. It does work well when the skin has a bluish, purple or blackish appearance. The affected area is also extremely sensitive to touch. The skin may also have rather dark blisters or gangrenous ulcers. These ulcers are indeed very painful and also have a burning sensation. Hot flushes in several parts may accompany the skin complaints. Wearing tight bands is indeed very uncomfortable for these patients around the neck and waist.

 Cantharis, Anthracinum, Arsenic Album for Gangrene from Burns

Cantharis, Anthracinum, as well as Arsenic Album are indeed very effective for gangrene that arises on account of burns. Cantharis must be used as quickly as possible since it is a preventive remedy for gangrene that does occur after burns.

 Agaricus for Gangrene from Frostbite

Agaricus is the useful for gangrene caused by frostbite. Patients suffer from red and swollen skin that is accompanied by intolerable pain. Also one experiences a pins and needles sensation as well as numbness.


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