Bedwetting is a problem for many school-age children and their families. Bed Wetting at night is commonly known as Enuresis. It is a common elimination disorder. Some children experience both nighttime wetting and day time wetting. This involuntary or non-intentional pass of urine may be because of the small bladder, persistent urinary tract infection or stress. Mostly children below the age of 10 suffer from such conditions.

Bedwetting occurs worldwide at approximately the same rate. It is common for more than 5 million children. 10% of all 7-yearolds, wet the bed at night and 2% to 3% during the day. The vast majority of elimination disorders are functional, i.e., not due to neurological, structural or medical causes.

Bedwetting in children is often simply a result of immaturity. The age at which children become able to control their bladders during sleep.

Causes of Bed Wetting

  • Hereditary
  • Sleep apnea
  • A small bladder
  • Stress from new fears or insecurities
  • poor daytime toilet habits
  • excessive fluid intake before bedtime
  • A hormone imbalance.

Symptoms of Bed Wetting

  • Frequency, urgency, or burning on urination
  • Straining, dribbling, or other unusual symptoms with urination
  • unusual thirst,
  • pink or red urine
  • Investigations for Bed Wetting
  • Urine tests, X-rays

Homeopathy Treatment for Bed Wetting

Homeopathy Treatment is very effective when it comes to childhood bedwetting. More and more parents are choosing homeopathy because it is safe, gentle and children respond quickly to Homeopathy. The homeopathic remedies act both on the psychological, physiological and physical level to relieve bedwetting.

Homeopathy remedies treat bedwetting naturally without disturbing the endocrine system and they reduce anxiety, which is attributed to cause bed-wetting in children. These remedies are natural, gentle, safe and can be given to children of any age. The Homeopathy remedies for bedwetting are Belladonna, Kreosotum, Argentum nitricum, Sulphur, Causticum, Rhus Tox & Sepia, etc.

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