The Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that appears in early childhood and continues into adulthood. It is a condition that makes it difficult for children to pay attention and/or control their behavior. Signs and symptoms of ADHD typically appear before the age of 7. The behavior of ADHD child is different when compared to a normal child. ADHD occurs in 3 to 5 % of elementary school-aged children. More common in males than female. Poor sustained attention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness observed in ADHD child.


  • Very low birth weight,
  • Using alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy
  • Premature delivery
  • Birth injury (to the brain)
  • Children with ADHD often have some family member suffering from this disorder


  • Talks out of turn and excessively.
  • Seems unable to play quietly
  • Shifts rapidly from one task to another without completing first task or activity
  • Difficulty listening to others without distraction or interruption.
  • Short-term memory loss


A hearing, vision tests & Continuous Performance Tests (Connor’s CPT, TOVA, IVA).


Homeopathy is very effective in reducing the hyperactivity and impulsiveness. It helps improve attention span and concentration. Homeopathy is very strongly recommended for ADHD. Homeopathy not only focuses on symptoms of ADHD but also the general physical and mental constitution of the patient, past medical history, medical history of parents, information about pregnancy and vaccination. By taking Homeopathy treatment Improvement is observed in cases of ADHD within about two to three months of medication. The entire treatment may require to be extended for over a year. The medicines used for ADHD in Homeopathy are Anacardium, Aranea, Baryta-ioid, Bismuth, Chamomilla, China, Ferrum met, Hyoscyamus, Kali Brom, Lyssin, Mancinella, Medorrhinum, and Verat-alb etc.

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