The term anxiety has been used for decades to refer to thoughts and behaviors that were distressful in nature. But before they referred to these as “anxiety disorders,” they were called “neuroses” – nervousness that wasn’t based in fact. Anxiety disorders are a category of mental disorders characterized by feelings of anxiety and fear, where anxiety is a worry about future events and fear is a reaction to current events.

The range of mental disorders, characterized by excessive anxiety was called anxiety neurosis. Anxiety can be defined as a feeling of dread or worry that something bad is going to happen.

Some of the common anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.


  • Genetics/heredity
  • Chemical imbalances
  • Drugs
  • Stress


  • listlessness and difficulty in concentration, irritability and short temper, excessive pathos, difficulty in retaining information in the mind
  • Dryness of mouth and throat.
  • Increased rate of heartbeat and palpitations.
  • Shivering and trembling of hands and legs.
  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping


Homeopathy is just as effective at treating nervousness and anxiety disorders but without addictive or harmful side effects. With the right homeopathic treatment, those living with debilitating anxiety can once again look forward to enjoying happy, worry-free lives. The most common homeopathy remedies for nuisance anxiety, nervousness and chronic anxiety disorders are Aconite napellus, Argentum nitricum, Arsenicum album, Calcarea carbonica, Gelsemium sempervirens, Kali arsenicosum, Kali phosphoricum, Lycopodium clavatum, Silicea, Aconite etc.

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