homeopathy treatment of Aplastic Anemia

Causes, Symptoms & Homeopathy Treatment of Aplastic Anemia

Aplastic anemia happens to be rare (5-10 cases per million), a serious condition whereby the bone marrow indeed fails to produce white cells, red cells, as well as the platelets. Aplastic anemia is rather observed in children as well as in adults.

The term Aplastic comes from the word does mean failure of generation or formation. Anemia implies a deficiency in the oxygen-carrying component of the blood.

The spongy material inside one’s bones is referred to as bone marrow and is like a factory that does produce blood cells (red cells, white cells, and platelets). In the case of Aplastic anemia, bone marrow, in fact, fails to form or develop blood cells.

The red cells in one’s blood carry oxygen from one’s lungs to all areas of the body. In Aplastic anemia with less number of red cells, one’s body parts do not get sufficient oxygen that is absolutely essential for their functioning.

White cells do fight infection by attacking as well as destroying germs and their less number of Aplastic anemia that leads to poor defense mechanism making the suffering individual prone to various and at times lethal infections.

Platelets are rather blood cells that do control bleeding by forming blood clots in areas of injury. Reduced platelets do lead to a blood clotting disorder, whereby blood does not clot naturally, leading to uncontrolled bleeding.

Homeopathy treatment of Aplastic Anemia

Homeopathic medicines do stimulate the healthy portion of the bone marrow in order to improve cell production. This indeed helps to reduce the number of blood transfusions.

  • Homeopathy medicine can be rather useful to control bleeding disorder that is associated with Aplastic anemia.
  • These homeopathic medicines also improve the overall vitality of the person and his or her well-being. One is able to fight infections.
  • These medicines are quite effective in curtailing further course or pace of the disease.
  • The diagnosis of this disease can affect one emotionally which can prove to be detrimental to a patient’s immunity.
  • These medicines have a positive impact on the psyche of the patient who can deal with the mind-body link of the concerned patient.
  • One can overcome side-effects unlike in the case of conventional medicine.


These homeopathy medicines are rather very effective with long-term benefits or preventive terms of rather countering genetic tendencies. It also does balance disturbed immunity that does happen to be the root cause of genetic tendencies. There are fewer chances of relapses. By the way, homeopathy medicines do not adversely affect the conventional treatment that one may be undergoing. They are very safe to take.

One cannot overlook the grievous nature of the disease. Homeopathy entails quality treatment to patients suffering from Aplastic anemia. By the way, homeopathy is not a substitute for any sort of modern medicine such as blood transfusion or bone marrow.

One can certainly go in for homeopathic treatment in order to get relief from Aplastic disease. It is worth a try.


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